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Endometrosis ?


I've had a bit of a rough journey with regards to gynae problems. I could never take the combined pill as it affected my bp. My first pregnancy in 1998 resulted in me collapsing with severe pre eclampsia at 36 weeks. Luckily my daughter and I both survived. She's now 18 years old. I had my son in 2007. I was monitored much more closely and ended up on aspirin and bp tablets. I was induced at 38 weeks. I feel lucky to have both my healthy children.

I had always suffered with heavy periods and pmt. Blood clits and mood swings were my norm. Every woman had period issues right? When the bleeding turned into flooding I sort medical advice. Internals, smeats became the norm. I remembet one lovely lady gp who said no ut wadn't the norm and no I shouldn't be aneamic from periods. I was referred to gynae and commenced on transaemic acid to help when on my periods plus iron for the anaemia.

I had a hysteroscopy and womb biopsy. I was convinced I had endometrial cancer. Results came back clear so I opted for a recomended endonetrial ablation since my bp reacted with hormo es and I was on long term anti hypertensives from my sob's pregnancy. It sounded wonderful the promise to wear white and not to be running to the bathroom with accidents, no anaemia. I went ahead with the procedure under general anaesthetic.

All was well for 18 mobths and then the pain started. Well the pain was worse than being induced in childbirth. Baring in mind I had had 2 induction pregnancies. My gp laughef at me and agreed to an ultrasound.

The ultrasound in June 2013 just showed thickened womb lining abd a small polyp. I wad referred to gynae again.

Apparently the polyp couldn't possibly cause so much pain but they would biopsy it anyway butI would need a general anaesthetic due to previous womb ablation. I enquired about the waiting list. March 2014 I was told. I cried down the phone to my gp convinced I had cancer and how could I wait until the March I could be dead by then. The gp caled me and said that no she wasn't happy with this eithet I was referred to a second consultant. He was lovely. He reasuured me I didn't have cancer and that a polyp/womb biopsy would be impossible due to the previous womb ablstion. He thought I had a condition callef haemetra from the womb ablation. My case was put forward as urgent. Unfortunately laprosvopic hysterectomy was a restricted procedure and had to go to health authority funding panel.

The funding was finally agreed and my op datefor laproscopic hysterectomy was Mar

ch 2014.Bythen I was in a lot of pain and was taking cocodamol and mefaenic aid plus using hot water bottles. I told the consultant to take my pain away I was fed up of the agony. I consented to a lap hysterectomy, possible ovary removal and any procedure deemed necessary.

I felt relief and calmness going to theatre.

I woke up to be told I had had my appendix removed, plys ovaries and I had a drain in. I thought they had got me mixed up with someone else. I cried. My surgeon came out to see me in recovery. I was diagnosed witbstage 4 endometrosis in theatre. My right ovary had wrapped itself aroubd my badly diseased appebdeux, covered in endo and my left ovary was densley attached to my sigmoid colon, my ovaries had becone huge endometriomas( chocolate cysts). My diseased womb was also removed. My fallopuan tubes were dialated and filled with blood. It took me 3 months to recover but I got through it. Luckily for me I had a surgeon thst listened to me and believed my pain otherwise I may not be here. My surgeon luckily for me had training in endometrosis and advanced laproscopic surgery.

I was 44years old at the time. I have to take non oestrogen based hrt. At present I'm taking synarel which blocks oestrogen production in my body as I'm having right sided bowel pain. I'm hoping the resudue endometrosis in my pelvis and rt old appendix area will due off. No one knows. It could just be resistent, it could be an immune disease. I'm not bitter. I went through hell but I'm here and fairly well apart from rt abdo pain and pelvic pain that flares up. Endo is such an unknown, misdiagnosed disease. It doesn't show up in bloods or ultrasound scans but it's there. It affects so many lives.

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