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Is there anything that helps any one with the pain they are experiencing with Endometrosis?

Please any one who is reading this and suffers with Endometrosis please can you let me know how you cope with your pain.

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I found using a hot water bottle worked well, however, I spend a lot of time with it clamped to my abdomen!


I do that most of the day, I am on a lot of strong pain killers, plus have had a laparoscopy as well as birth crontrol pills plus Danazol plus an implant in my stomach that gets put in each month.

Is there any thing else that helps you.


I have found prostap to help with the pain, as the pill etc never worked for me. Going for the L.U.N.A procedure next month, they cut the nerve endings at the back of the womb so hopefully be pain free for good :)


it is a nightmare I know, i took morphine, tramadol and ibuprofen along with laxatives lol, then got the zoladex implant and liviel hrt as a back up and am no virtually pain free. It depends if you want children or not at the moment, I am past that fortunately. being in constant pain makes life not worth living sometimes and is a very lonely place, i hope you get some help soon.


My doctor told me I was not allowed morphine if I was not in hospital can I ask how you got morphine as I know it will work as I was on it after my operation I was on it for a day and it took my pain away to about a two.


I find light exercise & stretching help in the long term. I do body balance which is a mix of yoga, ti chi and pilates with meditation at the end, and it has helped a great deal.

Heat as well, I know it has been mentioned, but a wheat pack or hot water bottle, can do wonders.

Try not to get to stressed as this can cause symptoms to increase (which can be hard, I know). Take time to look after yourself. If you can, try a message or acupressure, as I also find this can help with pain relieve, but over a regular period, like once a month. It is not instant relieve.

Hope this helps.

Keep well

K xxxx


Ditto on the hot water bottle and painkillers. I also find staying off wheat, especially bread, on bad days helps. I haven't cut wheat out completely as have found that too difficult but reducing intake particularly during my periods makes a difference.

Also found from doing yoga that opening up the pelvic area, e.g by sitting crossed-legged on a cushion for comfort, gives some relief. Not a cure of course but makes it a bit more bearable.



It all depends how you cope with pain, I'm a massage therapist and the more active I am, the more pain I'm in, feels like ripping. Normal pain killers don't work, can't do tramadol gives me fits and only 30mlg codine works but gp doesn't want to put me on it all the time. So gp has put me on Lyrica pregabalin, it's a chronic pain killer by sorting out the nerves. I have pain every single day so it's starting to take the edge off but I'm going up a dose.

Ask your gp to refer you to a pain clinic and push for the best meds. I'm about to go for another lap in a month time as my body isn't responding to any treatment and they want to fit a coil.

Good luck and be pushy!

X :)


I was on Zoladex (in combination with Livial) for six months, I had some improvement in the pain, but the symptoms associated with going to the toilet etc.... didn't get any better. I am now coming up for two post radical hysterectomy plus removal of my ovaries and plenty of unpicking! Am, hoping that once I am fully recovered from the surgery that I will be pain free.


hey uglyduckling, i refused more pain medication as i work in the community as a support worker so have to my wits about me. i had an appointment with the pain clinic at the hospital and they prescribed me versatis pain patches that i wear for 12 hours a day. they really are good for me - i can just have cocodamol every 4 hours and 2 hours later ibuprofen every 4 hours which suits me better than tramadol. hot water bottles and beanies are great but my constant use of them has resulted in neuralgia on my belly as ive damaged the nerves. id recommend a cosy bath, tends to work for me. hope this is of some use to you x


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