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HRT and Agnus Castus

Good Evening lovely ladies hope you are well today

I am on depeptyl injections for my endo, I have had 2 now, I am also on Tibolone HRT. i have endo on my womb and bowel at the moment. My friend with endo told me to try Agnus Castus tablets because she found them really effective for her symptoms. Could anyone tell me if I can take the Agnus castus along with my HRT.

You ladies on this site have helped me so much in the past, even more than my doctors. I appreciate you all, I know we all share the same problems. I could be facing my second lap soon. Nice to know I have you to support me.

Take care and much love to you all xxxx


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I should say not. Agnus castus is progesterogenic and so mimics progesterone and opposes oestrogen. In a woman with normal cycles it can balance the hormones and is helpful in some women for PMS and in endo for women who can't tolerate hormone meds. But you are not having normal cycles, your ovaries have been shut down. It would likely cancel out the effect of the HRT you are taking. You could discuss it with Holland and Barrett if you have one. 


Good Morning lovely hope you are feeling well today

Thank you so much for your reply I always receive good advice on this site.

I am still suffering pain even on the injection and HRT got pain in my ovarie, back and bowel as I have endo growing on my bowel. In December last year the surgeon removed endo from my womb but could not get to my bowel to remove. Might have to have another laparoscopy soon. i am also trying to watch what I eat too. Willing to try anything for some relief.

This condition is still fairly new to me as was only properly diagnosed in December 2015 after my laparoscopy. But had endo for years undiagnosed.

Hope you feel pain free and thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me I really appreciate your help.

Good we can support each other on this site

Take care sweetie

Lots of love Janet xx



Where in the UK are you?


I live in Rotherham South Yorkshire xx


Hi Janet. Then in that case you have access to NHS Choices and have easy access to proper care. Endo such as you have affecting the bowel must only be dealt with in a specialist centre. Click on my name and have a look at my posts, in particular the ones on the treatment pathway and on how to find a centre. x


Good Evening Linda hope you are well

What a journey you have been on, you are an amazing lady and so brave.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me, it feels good to know I have some support from someone who knows how I am feeling. I had my lap in December last year where endo was discovered on my womb and bowel. The endo was burnt off my womb but not my bowel. I was placed on deceptyl injections and Tibolone HRT had 2 injections now and although it has shut down my system. It hasn't helped my pain I still have pain in my womb, ovaries back, tops of my legs, severe pain up my bottom. Bowel problems. My doctor has now referred me to Jessops in Sheffield where I am seeing an endometriosis specialist surgeon. I am getting an aching in my breast and under my arm can't feel any lumps, so don't know if this is down to the HRT. I am trying to watch my diet to cut out certain things which I believe will make the endo grow. The surgeon who did my lap was only a gynocologist and said the injection and HRT would remove the endo from my bowel, but given my pain still I am not convinced. I am an office Manager and find it really difficult to work sometimes because of the pain, but I do try to carry on best I can. I am so lucky to have found you on this site and I truly appreciate your advice.

Take care my lovely and I will read all your imformative posts.

Lots of love

Janet xx


Hi Janet - the Sheffield endo centre is at the Royal Hallamshire but the address is Tree Root Walk which I think is the address of the Jessop Wing. We can't recommend surgeons but the person who does advanced excision there is Mr Baxter so be sure it is him. x


Hi Linda lovey

I am going to the Jessops Wing on tree root walk so yes this is the centre you advised me about.

When I rang them they said the surgeon which was decided for my condition was Mr H Lashen.

I go on 27th April so not long now.

All my treatment my HRT and injections are due to end in May. So I am hoping I can get some treatment that will be suitable for me.

Any idea please what the breast pain could be or am I best seeing my GP.

Thank you sweetie for your help and support.

Lots of love

Janet xx


Hi Janet - breast tenderness can be caused by oestrogen or progesterone. Basically it is a common symptom of a hormone imbalance so will be a response to the HRT I expect.

On the subject of the endo centre, there is only one surgeon who works there, Mr Baxter. The other person is not an endo specialist. They must have done at least two years' advanced excision training to operate on you. Have a read of all my posts. You have symptoms of rectovaginal endo and it is vital that you are only operated on by the specialist with the advanced training. 


Hi Linda

Thank you so much for your advice.

I will have to see Mr Lashen this time but if I have to have another operation I can request Mr Baxter does this for me.

Because my treatment is due to end in May I have to see someone to give me advice on the next step for me.

Really appreciate all your help and I will let you know how I get on.

Thank you sweetie

God bless Janet xxx


Hi honey I live in Rotherham South Yorkshire

Lots of love janet x


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