HRT after hysterectomy

Hi ladies, hope you all felling well.

Due to have TLH and BSO and excision in month or 2 and just wondering what others have done with regards to HRT after? Is there a risk of too much oestrogen in HRT that would cause endo to come back? Are there any HRT that are better than others? Due to see endo specialist again next Tuesday to sign forms and confirm everything and hopefully get a date for op so just want to know what to ask or say with regards to HRT?

I am almost 44 and have been on Prostap injections for 5.5 months.

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  • Hi

    I'm 44 also and had ovaries removed last August. Consultant was keen to put me on hrt straight away and started Elleste duet in September. By the time January came round each month was awful again and we think grew the endo even more. I had three months off hrt and felt great. But due to age she has put me on tibolone. Month 3 now and not entirely pain free but better than first course of hrt. Just need to persevere until you get something which suits you. I'd personally stay off it but doc was not keen and you have to think they are experts so should really listen to them! Anyway, hope all goes well for you. Keep strong and good luck!


  • Thank you Julie. Thats what im worrying about is the fact endo might grow back. Hope you soon find more relief from the tibolone or if not find 1 that works for you. All the best X

  • I had a hysterectomy in July last year for adenomyosis with overies left in, now I'm on zolodez until next laparoscopy where surgein will remove overies as I'm still in endo pain. I'm on hrt and will need to carry on as I'm 40 and considered too young to be without estrogen,

    I would say the main thing when considering a hysterectomy is to make sure you get a bsge specialist to do a thorough excision job at tge same time, I was under a general gyne and don't think he found/removed all endo so am now awaiting another lap thankfully in a bsge centre,

    If endo is left behind it can self feed so with or without overies or hrt it will grow and possibly cause further issues


  • Hi Tboag, I have read your previous post and replies and seen how yours didn't work with general gyny and was one of the reasons I decided to get a second opinion from a bsge specialist 🙂

    He did say he was going to excise any endo as well but I still wonder what if 1 little bit was left behind like you said I have read it can self feed, but could the HRT fuel it to grow again if no endo is left after excision or are there any that are so low in oestrogen that don't do this but still help with side effects of menopause.

    Whilst being on Prostap I have been lucky not to have many menopausal side effects except maybe the odd night sweat in bed (which goes when I chuck my duvet off) and achy knee joints. I wondered therefore if I could get away without taking any HRT but do worry about long term effects of being in the menopause early such as increased risk of osteoporosis?

    Hope all goes well with your next lap and your have more relief X

  • I know our bodies produce a little estrogen even without overies/ menopause so endo can come back regardless, there is no cure as such, and because endo can be microscopic it's all ways possible to be left and grow,

    My mum and sister have gone through menopause early at 42 and both have not had hrt, but I'm not that up on pros and cons tbh,


  • Has anybody gone down the natural remedy route to help with menopause and risk of osteoporosis? Any ideas and do they work? X

  • Hi Hun, had TAH, BSO and excision in March. Consultant wanted to leave hrt for a couple of months after op for things to settle down. I then initially went on Livial (tibalone). This particular hrt doesn't contain any hormones. Instead it converts what you already have into what you need. It is also the one that is recommend if you have endo. Unfortunately I did not get on with this so changed to Elleste solo which does contain oestrogen. It is one of the lowest dose ones.

    From what I understand if you have through excised where all endo is removed so there is nothing left having hrt shouldn't make any difference.

    I feel better than I have done in years.

    I also think it's a personal choice and I wish you good luck with your op and hope you get the relief that you deserve.

  • Thanks Jean, hope you are feeling ok.

    I will make a note and talk through this with specialist when see him next week thanks.

    Have I read on this site somewhere that having sage helps instead of having HRT? All the best. X

  • I don't know about instead of hrt , but that and evening primrose oil can help with hot flushes. Took them both when I was on Zoladex for the hot flushes and they did help. After op hot flushes got do bad that I couldn't even stand when one came on, and they were happening so frequently that it became impossible to do anything. This didn't change when I started on Livial. Once I changed to Elleste solo I noticed a difference within 24 . By the 3rd day they were really mild and I now only get them maybe once or twice a day. So things really improved.

    Unfortunately since op I've discovered I have 3 herniated discs in my lower spine compromising the nerves causing a lot of pain down both legs. Maybe be looking at another op in near future to remove discs and fusion of vertebrae. Seeing specialist at the end of the month so will find out then.

    Hope you're ok. Let us know when you get a date.

    Take care Hun.

  • Thanks Jean, glad the Elleste solo is helping. Sorry you having spine problems, hope you get some answers with specialist.

    Will post my date when I have it. Take care and all the very best X

  • Hi Jean. Hope you feeling ok?

    Got my date for my op today and it's Saturday 20th August.

    How did you get on with the specialist about your discs? X

  • Hi Hun. It turns out that although I do have 3 herniated discs it's only very slightly and not enough to be affecting the nerves. Spinal specialist said it was nerve damage. But I've since realised that these new pains all started when I changed the hrt. So I think maybe some endo has been missed. I go back for follow up 4th August so will talk to him about it and see what he says.

    Whilst I was on Amitriptyline my bladder pain disappeared but had to change to Duloxetine and it has since returned so I think he will refer me to urogynae.

    Glad you have a date. How are you feeling about it now you know when it's happening?

  • O dear Jean. Sorry to hear you still not got any answers. Good luck for 4th August X

    Still feel nervous but I know it's the best thing for me to do and to get some answers, so hopefully all will go well. X

  • If you ever need to chat Hun , I'm here.

  • Thank you Jean, and likewise to you, especially after my op as I will have plenty of time on my hands, lol! X

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