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Injections and HRT?

Hi ladies, just picked up my Triptorelin injection (3mths) along with my Livial HRT. Need to wait on my period now to start before I get my injection. I have had injections before over the years but unfortunately HRT gives me chronic thrush so doc said she can give me a tablet to take every week to stop the thrush if I need it. I would like to know what experiences, good or bad, you ladies have had on injections or HRT?


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Triptorelin is what I'm on, just had my 4th month dose on Wednesday. I take Livial HRT with it as well. I started on the 1 month injection, then my next one - I took the 3 month dose, was a bit too high for me, but only needed it once as I'm only on this for 6 months.

I found my 1st month fine, no periods, no pain it was a godsend. The next dose, as it was higher was a bit too much for me so I had bad nausea but I found ginger ale and Motilium 10 (can buy from boots but main ingredient is Domperidone which Dr can prescribe), I just had my single dose (month 4) two days ago, which is slowly settling in. I get anxiety and nausea with the injections but it slowly settles.

Would this be your first time on it?



Had monthly injections for 6 months 5yrs ago. At first I tried it without HRT but struggled so I took HRT bur only lasted 6 weeks. I found that I could deal with the side effects of the injection better than the side effects from the HRT. Then last year I was back on the 3 month injection and refused the HRT. I know it is a risk with our bones etc but I suffer really bad thrush with the HRT. My gyno said to me that he can only prescribe the injection for 6 months if I refuse the HRT again as I am too young to get injections for long term use and not back it up with HRT.



I got the injections without HRT at first. It wasnt until I was in my second month that the hot flushes were becoming irritating and disturbing my sleep and disrupting my work!

Its the anxiety I'm struggling with, I can already feel the difference being on the lower dose this month, but I honestly can't wait to come off this as I'm fed up of interfering with my hormones. Feels like I'm not in control of my own body anymore!


Oh to be a woman eh! I am praying that it will work this time for me. Like yourself it's soooooo frustrating! years of pain, discomfort and misery.

Keep strong.



I reckon I will need another lap as I still feel ovary pain, but might just be cos the dosage isn't fully settled.

Sex change next I think!





I've just been prescribed decapeptyl (Triptorelin) for 6 months (without HRT) to see if it will work for me. My 1st 3monthly injection is on Monday. I have my fingers (& toes & everything else!!!) crossed for a success. Hoping its not as bad as some accounts I've read!! If everything goes ok then they will continue & add in HRT. I just want to feel normal again.

Hope you all have a pain free weekend.



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