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Diet changes

Hello ladies

I'm 18 days post lap now confirming stage 3/4 endo.

Since then I have completeley changed my diet in the hope that it will delay the return of endo. I did a lot of research into it before doing anything and read lots of other people's accounts and results.

The most important things I have cut out of my diet are:

Meat (I didn't eat anyway)



Soya (this is a big one because of the oestrogen levels in it)

Caffeine ( I used to drink loads of coffee so this one was a big deal for me)

I have also begun taking :

Cod liver oil

Evening primrose oil

Vitamin b complex

Agnus castus

I know it's only been 18 days but I swear changing these things is helping!!! Obviously it could just all be down to the fact that my endo has been removed mostly but I'm sure my diet change is having some effect. I really would recommend giving it a go and doing some research into diet changes! Obviously I am no doctor or.expert so no hate if anyone disagrees I'm just offering my personal experience. I plan on sticking to this so maybe I'll post an update in a few months xx

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Hi! I am trying the same!! I am sure that it is working for you. Lots of those foods are inflammatory, so cutting them out ought to help you heal? I have noticed that my tummy certainly isn't as bloated!! BellLady has given me some great advice, if you look at her replies.

I hope that it continues to work for you! X

Ps I know lots of ladies swear by Agnus castus but I had a terrible experience. It made me feel really 'flat' and my period didn't start until I stopped taking it!!


For what I read about agnus cactus it only applies to certain symptoms, and in some cases the Black cohosh is a better option. In my case the agnus cactus helps me, however, it does mess my period a bit. But because it helps me that's ok.

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I have just had my laparoscopy too and been doing the same research and because it is soo confusing, I have decided to write a blog!


I am doing it for a couple of reasons, I'm not vain enough to think people will love it but hope that I can help other people someway but also to give me a reason to stick to it, as you have identified it is quite restricting and it's tiring being tired all the time so I don't always cook for myself but hopefully this will force me to!

Be great to see what you think!


It's nearly 2 months since my laproscopy and I have been doing the same. I have changed my diet omitting the same as you and I must say that I do feel better in myself. My reasons for doing it are to relieve the symptoms of the endo but also I have just started my course of hormone injections to bring on the chemically induced menopause so I am also hoping that my diet will helpfully lessen the side effects. I have to admit that I do think that the actual diet is just clean fresh living so in the long run it will make us feel better and have more energy which is always a good thing. :)



that is great, I did same changes aswell. Well I did also add magnesium and multivitamins. Moreover, I'd suggest tumeric...it is great help.


The Jury seems to still be out on soy. The "its bad" theory is now slightly outnumbered by studies stating the opposite. May this year, the US Gynae Congress presented research suggesting that genistein (the soy phyto-estrogen) may in fact inhibit estrogen's effect on endometrial growth and activation. (they reached the same conclusion about resveratrol, found in red wine too).

Plus studies of Japanese women, who consume more soy in their diets naturally, suggest the higher the levels of genistein found in urine (ie, the more soy they consumed), the lower the incidence of advanced endometriosis.

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I think that's something to do with the soy they eat being very different to the type we have here tho. I'm no expert tho😊


If you've got a source where you read about that difference do please attach it as I'd love to read it please. I am keen to get an answer on the soy debate


I can't remember where I saw it but I'll keep an eye out


I'm having horrible effects from my mirena and am wondering if I can control the Endo naturally like this.


That is interesting! I used to drink loads of soy milk and soy products because dairy made me feel sick anyway and I have to say that since giving it up I just feel differnt. Now I'd have gluten free cereal with almond milk and feel fine whereas before I'd have soy milk and my stomach would blow up like a balloon.

I refused the mirena or any type of contraception for this reason I don't wanna pump crap into my body I want to see if I can do the natural route first.

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one with this idea it's much more encouraging.

Pluses after gaining around 3 stone which is mostly to do with endo I have now lost some weight! Bonus!


I gave up dairy a few years ago and switched to soya. A few years later I start getting Endo symptoms. A coincidence? I'm tempted to get the coil out and control things naturally. I'm ringing my gp for advice today but they never know much about the natural way lol


The latest research actually suggests soya is mildly beneficial for endo as it phytooestrogen is weaker than real oestrogen but takes up slots in out oestrogen receptors. In practice it likely makes little difference either way unless you have developed a separate intolerance as is possible for lots of protein rich food sources gluten, milk casein, lactose, nuts etc. I would of course avoid gmo imports from the USA and stick with organic. Processed foods in general are less good as they contain more chemicals so place a higher load on our liver which is key in processing excess hormones.





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