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Boggy ovaries

Hi all just looking for some input or help please. I have been suffering for years with heavy long periods which over the last two years have become worse and painful. My cycle is usually period 10-14 days, 3 days clear/pain free, start ovulating so in pain for a week 10 days then start period and repeat. I get pain either during or after sex so my love life is pretty much once a month and has been for about 10 months now and I have toilet troubles at the rear (either can't go or can't stop going)

About a year ago I went to the docs feeling unwell all the time and was referred for a number of treatments. I have had an iron infusion, an endoscopy that was clear, ultrasound internal and external and due to have a colonoscopy next week and so far nothing has returned any results.

In March I finally got to see a gyno who decided to do a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and coil change and this is where I need help.

When I came round from the procedure he said my laparoscopy was clear but he had found that my ovaries were boggy and had he not done a hysteroscopy he would have never found this and suggested two treatments a nova-sure which will stop my periods or a hysterectomy to stop periods and pain. Both will leave me unable to have children.

I am 33 and don't have or never wanted children so the prospect of these surgerys is not concerning me from that perspective however when I was 16 I had severe allergic reactions to hormone based contraceptives and as such have to use a copper coil for contraception. I am worried about the prospect of early menopause and how to control this if I am not able to have HRT 

I have to keep a diary of my cycle and pain and go back in three months for another consultation but I am also worried that because of my age and not having children he may be reluctant to perform the procedures - he did say only people that match certain criteria can have the surgeries and I do qualify for them but also I don't actually know what is wrong? 

I am assuming I have endometriosis as this was his initial concern but he didn't say those exact words, my biopsy is clear also - has anyone has a similar experience like mine and can shed some light or advise what to do next when I go back in June, I really hope I can be put forward for a procedure to try and relieve my symptoms as they do really get in the way of living a normal life and to be honest I thought I was going mad or being a wimp so was actually happy when he said he had found something but am really worried he may "change his mind" or something daft like that. 

Lastly always had normal  regular smears, long term relationship and been using coils since age of 18 changed every 5 years or sooner if needed (the one changed recently had been in 3yrs) 

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One more thing at the very top of my left thigh and the crease of my tummy every night I get pins and needles there it's not painful and I did tell the gyno he didn't say much but just wondering if that's connected in any way, only way I can relieve it is to lie on my left side until it stops. 


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