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Pain worst when ovulating


Hi everyone,

I'm undiagnosed but having laparoscopy at the end of the month.

I'm starting to question myself now and worried that it's all in my head.

I have the mirena coil which has helped massively with the heavy bleeding and pain but I'm finding ovulation the worst time of the month. Bloating, bleeding, pulling twisting in right side, very bad lower back ache, dragging sensation.

Before the coil my periods usee to be so heavy to the point I was changing tampons every hour, sometimes sooner and my pyjamas would be soaked with blood sometimes twice a night on the heavier days. Ive also got chronic anemia which the gp's said was heavy periods but never referred me or looked into it? Been on iron tablets for a long time as the ferritin (iron stores) have got so low it will take a long time to get them back up.

'Im fatigued and sometime nauseous but the pain isn't as bad at what most ladies on here is experiencing so I am doubting myself. I also bleed a little when having a bowel movement when on my period. This was confirmed with a positive stool test which I had a colonoscopy for and it was normal.

I've also had clear ultrasound and ct scan.

Anyone else like this? Or have Similar symptoms to me and have a diagnosis? I'm worried it's all in my head 😩

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Hi I started feeling terrible as soon as ovulating process started. All the symptoms you have been describing. Terrible nausea and fatigue from ovulation until period ended. Only felt good for a few days a month. Been there with the bed sheets and clothes been drenched by blood and huge blood clots.

When I had my full hysterectomy I discovered that the endometriosis was all over my bowels, which explained why I had pain before needing a number 2.

The only way you can get a proper diagnosis is by key hole surgery so cameras can see what is going on inside you. Never heard of anyone getting diagnosed by scans 🤔. Wish you all the best

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Can I ask have things improved since the hysterectomy? This is maybe my only option now but one I’m not taking lightly as I know it’s not a guarantee that it stops the pain etc

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Hi my life is amazing since the full hysterectomy, I asked for the ovaries out at same time, because I didn't want them to have to go back in. I had my miracle baby and after 10 years of trying I knew I wouldn't conceive normally because of the endometriosis. So at 40 I had to push for the hysterectomy. Got the preaching about the risks. The surgery was 5 hours due to complications and had further complications which led to a further surgery, but it was the best decision for me and my family.

I am on tibolone, like HRT but not, take menopause multivitamins and have reflexology, usually once a month. The menopause is breeze and at least I know it won't go on forever. I don't miss bleeding or the pain. Hot flushes are nothing and don't last like symptoms of endometriosis. The chronic fatigue is gone, I can sometimes be tired running after a very energetic 3 year old, but that is just normal life. Feels nice to be normal. Good luck

I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis through laparoscopy, I also found my pain was worse when ovulating which was totally different to my mum and sister who both also have it. I thought I was going a bit mad, exactly the same as you are describing, bad pulling pains and not so much cramping. Both my ovaries it turns out were adhered to my pelvic wall, which my doctor said made sense as to why I was getting so much pain around my time of ovulation. This may be the same for you, you’re not going crazy! I really hope this gets sorted for you ❤️


I was actually diagnosed with ultrasound back in 2004 as the cyst on my left ovary and other things that were going on it was an easy spot apparently and I did have a great gyney then who was top notch it’s not all in your head no one knows your body better than you from what your saying it sounds very much like endo and the symptoms your describing are what I experience near enough everyday bar the periods luckily I only have a 4 day period but still experience the really heavy bleeding and iron levels is another part of it I’m back at doctors Wednesday for a blood test to see if I’m anemic again hopefully the laparoscopy will help you out and give you a definite answer and hopefully you will build your reserves up soon good luck with the op 😊

Hello, experienced similar symptoms as your self but I did not go for the coil , I went through 3 laparoscopy surgeries in the past few years pain wasn't only worst on ovulation day but also just before my heavy period starts. I feel your pain and I know what exactly what you mean in terms of wet trousers from period , sometimes I wake up and my bed sheet would be stained from my period overnight bleeding.

Hi there!

I’ve had very similar symptoms to you. Bad period pain to the point that I would need to take a lot of pain killers through my period but I never missed work because of it so I know a lot of people would have much worse pain then I do. I get pain during ovulation, pulling dragging sensations. Very fatigued, low mood etc. I also started to have pain going to the toilet and thought I noticed some blood in my stool a few times but I was never 100% sure. I put off having a laparoscopy for a long time because I convinced myself it was all in my head and I was just being dramatic or moany. I finally had it done on Friday more so because I am ttc and I wanted to outrule endo before pursuing fertility treatments. Before my surgery I even said to my consultant I don’t think your going to find anything. They found quite extensive stage 3 endo. I cried with relief when they told me because I felt wow it wasn’t all in my head. Trust your gut feeling. If you feel something is wrong in your body then you are probably right. If they find nothing then that’s great and at least your mind will be put at ease. Good luck!

Ps. Just to add all my scans were clear also!

Yes, I realised I was having two days off every month from work when I was ovulating, not on my period! I have the same pain as you and have been diagnosed with extensive endo and adeno. I couldn’t stand up straight some mornings. pains down my legs, painful bowel movements, bloating etc. Have been on birth control since the age of 18 but before then my periods were as heavy as yours, leaking through a tampon and towel at school and changed them every hour. I also had blood in my stools but was sent down the bowel route of colonoscopy and then told I had IBS for ten years.

I was doubting myself even until just before my op, the surgeon told me that it’s only in 20% of cases that they found something and it’s normally bowel related and I almost didn’t bother going in. I’m soooo glad I did!

It’s hard not to doubt yourself but you’ll be so glad you went : )

Please don’t think it’s all in your head. You know your own body and so you know when someone isn’t normal. It’s quite common to struggle to get diagnosed so I hope you get some answers when you have your laparoscopy

I have similar pain around ovulation. I am unsure as to why, the doctors never really give clear answers where endometriosis is concerned.

I'd definitely push for treatment and some more answers, don't let the doctors fob you off. It took them years to diagnose me, and they tried to say it was just bad periods. When I actually have endometriosis.

It's definitely not in your head and from your symptoms sounds exactly like what endometriosis would display...

I hope you get some answers after your laparoscopy. And make sure they follow you up afterwards to see how things are :)

Honey waking up soaked in blood is A&E top emergency kind of a situation. This is NOT in your head. Your GP is superficial just like any doctor.

CT scans, MRIs, colonoscopies, ultrasounds are not effective ways to precisely pinpoint all endometriotic lesions. Chocolate cysts can be seen via ultrasound, adenomyosis too sometimes, nodules and some lesions can be seen via MRI but none of these methods is 100% effective in the diagnosis.

The best option you have to get a diagnosis but also, most importantly, get treated thoroughly and effectively in one sitting is getting excision surgery with a specialised endometriosis excision surgeon and a team ASAP. Please do contact me if you want me to research the surgeon who will perform surgery on you or find a better one (I have a list of the best surgeons in the UK).

Best of luck for your future diagnosis and remission!

My pain is very bad during ovulation too, probably worse than during my time of the month :(

Hi. It's not in your head. During ovulation, I can't stand up anymore, I can't walk as every step echoes in my tummy and I have to lay down for hours on one side only. Paracetamol don't work. Hot water bottle works and I watch a film if Im not too tired , it distracts me from the pain and i don't feel so low, im aware that not everyone can due to the level of pain. It's currently hurting at the moment and Im hoping to making it to work in a few hours time :) take good care of yourself. Lots of hugs. :)

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