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Mirena coil experiences

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Hi there,

I wondered if anyone could share their mirena coil experiences? I have pcos and am having a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy next week and the consultant was keen for me to have one put in because of my heavy periods. I really don't want one in case it causes weight gain...

Thank you! X

14 Replies
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You have to weigh the pros and cons of having one put in. Do the research and choose your priority. I had one put in after a laparoscopy because of excruciating periods and heavy bleeding. For about 3 months after it was put in, my bleeding was intermittent but minimal amount and lesser pain. I was fed up with not knowing when I was going to bleed so I had it taken out. As for the weight gain, I did not experience any.

Hope you get to make a decision before your surgery. I don't think there's a right and wrong decision as long as you know the pros and cons and you are fixed on what you want to achieve after your surgery.

Best of luck!

Try one for 3 - 6 months and see how it goes. They are a great relief to many ladies

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I had 2 x laps and one put in during the second one - I've bled intermittently since insertion but a real reduction in pain. It's been about 4 months for me

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Hi I have had one for six and half years it needs removing asap but scared. It has certainly helped the endo til now where I am struggling badly at the moment. My periods have never stopped but have been regular every 28 days very light and lasting about 3 days with minimal pain. I have put on weight but the relief has been best thing ever despite numerous treatments previously. Everyone is different and I hope you make the choice which will help you the most.

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GrittyReads in reply to cupcake40

I had mine removed by my GP, and it was okay. I'm post-menopause and my endo was never as bad as most people on here, so I'm hoping it doesn't strart up again. But the removal was fine. However, if you are still well pre-menopause, and it has worked wll for you so far, I would have another one put in. My insertion was under anaesthetic - as I've not had kids and had a very narrow cervix - but removal without was fine - yet I was dreading it. If your insertion was bad, you have a 'right' (in the UK, under the NHS - if it survives much longer) to have the mirena put in under anaesthetic. NB I didn't put on weight.

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Hi! I had one fitted. Didn't cause weight gain. It took a few months, but now have no periods at all. It's a huge relief. Good luck. Xxx

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Thank you so much for all replying to me. It's really appreciated. I will have a think about it over the weekend. xx

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Hi I've had the mirena coil for over a year now and had no weight gain! It helped me slightly with my bleeding too it's a bit lighter xxxx

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I've had four now. I have no bleeding with mine is brilliant the last couple of years. My pain was almost gone apart from some sciatica type pain but 20 years down the line it seems the coil may have masked the progression of the disease and symptoms are starting to appear. I have to say it revolutionised my life but whether I will go on to regret it I don't know. (I'm 50 next week btw) so have enjoyed 20+ years pain free(ish)

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Hi there, I've had mine for 8 months now and apart from 3 months of bleeding constantly and two periods ( very minimal hardly noticed) I have not had any bleeding so it is great. Gynaecologist thinks it is coz I have still got remnants of the Zoladex in my system but.... I've had 2 periods then nothing since so would recommend it for any least 6 months. You have nothing to lose. Good luck xx

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Thank you so much Katyanna, Sameons, Georgiam, Jenny8, Grittyreads, cupcake40,rach, caz and nurse faith for replying. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to reply and share your experiences. This forum is a godsend. xx

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Had one I for four years, hardly any bleeding or pain. However after three years started to have lots of infections which eventually was put down to the coil so had it out. It's also seemed to flare up my autoimmune problems and I had frequent low grade fevers until it was removed. Periods came back within a few weeks. Also put weight on.

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I had 10 brilliant years with the Mirena coil. I was bleed free& mostly pain free so any weight gain was a very small price to pay for such relief.

I had a mirena coil for 15 years and for me it was the best thing ever. I had no periods and was pain free and I didn't put on weight. I've had it out now as looking at trying for family and I'm worried how my periods will be now. Hope you make right decision for you as you know your body best.

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