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First period following Laparoscopy - Hell.On.Earth!


Hello! Three weeks ago I had a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy where endometriosis was discovered, treated and the coil fitted. I have been recovering well until today when I have had the joy of experiencing my first period post-surgery and oh my goodness it is utterly horrendous. I am experiencing what can only be described as being relentlessly stabbed in the back, pelvis and...vagina!! I have suffered with very painful periods for a long time due to the endometriosis and didn't expect that it could get much worse but I was oh so very wrong. On the bright side, I am not experiencing any bleeding which my GP has assured me is normal due to the coil. Although I am sure that this pain is very normal and natural to be experiencing- after all I have had my insides poked and prodded, I am desperately looking to be reassured by someone who has been through this and would welcome with open arms any tips or tricks you might have at easing the pain. Also please, someone, tell me it gets better! :)

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I'm expecting my first period after lap anytime soon, fearing the worst !!!

Clare_N in reply to DSan

Honestly, I am finding it very painful but from google searches I am lead to believe that it is different for everyone so please don't worry too much!! My period has come early and I unfortunately didn't spot the warning signs (aka crazy hormones!) so didn't take the mefenamic acid before the pain had set in. I think that may be where my error lies! Again, please, please don't worry!!!! And if I can offer any advice, hot water bottles are always your friend!!! (I'm currently surrounded by three!)

Hi Clare, my period is late. I had an lap on the 31stla of Dec and had a period 2weeks before that then had another period starting 2nd of Jan which lasted about 5days. The first few days I was taking painkillers which masked the pain so I'm due on again at some point. My hormones are out of balance, feeling extremely tired and depressed, having arguments with my husband and problems coping with my ten year-old who is extremely stubborn and argumentative. Feeling like I'm at the end of my tether at the moment. Another painful period will be the icing on the cake. Finding it so difficult to cope at the moment.

Hi. Xx

You will still be in a lot of pain after your lap regardless of whether you've started your period, but the period on top of the lap intensifies the pain. I remember my first period I was bed bound and in the worse pain id ever experienced. I actually posted the same post as you have .. I think I took some cocodamol and just kept having my water bottle I coyldnt move to do anything else. I'm sorry your going through this pain . My periods where bad after for about 5 months after my lap and my gyno said it was normal because your insides have to heal. But it will get better. Xxx

Clare_N in reply to ShanJ

Thank you so much Shanj!! :)

I hope it helps you to hear that I completely understand and sympathise. Sometimes its such a relief to know that there are others who (quite literally) can feel your pain. I had a bad period followed immediately by my surgery. 4 weeks of constant pain, discomfort and tiredness is taking its toll. Call me naive but I had no idea how much of a struggle post surgery would be. The positives of surgery were sung about but the negatives were barely discussed. I recall being told that I would feel like I had 'done allot of sit-ups'. (I'm managing to find the funny side now, but believe me last week I was furious with this comparison). Like you I am also on an emotional roller coaster, I don't have children so can only imagine how difficult that can be. Be honest with them, let them know that you need their support and remember, this won't last forever!!!!

DSan in reply to Clare_N

Hi ClareN, so sorry for the very late reply. Hope you are feeling better. I've been on a real rollercoaster ride for the past few weeks emotionally speaking but did feel some relief after my period had come which wasn't actually too bad in the end. Like you I had a period straight after surgery which was like he'll on earth, I think with everything else going on I was on a real downer when I replied to your post so I'm really sorry about that. I'm getting ready for my next ivf cycle been given a prostap injection to shrink a cyst which has appeared near my right ovary. Surprisingly I feel really well and I'm coping with things a lot better. I took your advice and spoke to my son and although he has been trying it's hard for him to understand being an only child and being only ten. We are prepping him for the 11plus exam at the moment which is tough, and has been even tougher over the past few weeks with my tolerance levels being at an all time low. However things are improving slowly thank goodness, Don't know whether that's down to the prostap too. Thanks again xx


I felt like death on my first period after the surgery. It was the worst pain I had ever been in, EVER. The pain lasted I am thinking 2 days. And yes, it does get better then that pain. I unfortunately went back to my normal pain (even after the Depo shots, as the Dr. didn't remove all my endo spots.

Clare_N in reply to Hidden

Thank you Aardvarklips! It's a relief to hear that others have found it equally as tough. I feel much less wimpy now! I'm sorry to hear that not all of your endo was removed, that must be so disheartening! I have woken up today feeling pretty much back to normal just extremely exhausted! I have noticed a pattern that I will have period pains one day, be okay the next and then they are back with a vengeance the following day. Did you experience anything like this?

Hidden in reply to Clare_N

Yes, until your body settles down.

I'm glad u posted this. I had a lap a week yesterday ( into my second week off sick from work post op) and I'm due on this week. I was considering whether to ask for another sick note for next week because I'm still feeling exhausted and sore. Your post has convinced me to take next week off as well x

Clare_N in reply to Hells83bells

Hello! I would 100% recommend another week off. I was in the exact same position last week, I planned on being back to work this week and thank goodness I listened to my body and stayed at home. Take care and the best of luck!!!! :)

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