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Hystorectomy an bladder an bowle surgery

I had my opp 24 days ago an I'm still in lot pain in bed all day most days also got a infection in my wound an got chest infection is it normal to still feel so sore I'm on antibiotics just keep reading people are up about an going out an things I also had my ovaries removed just think am I try to do to much to soon xxxx

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Hi there. I've just had my 4th abdominal surgery (2 c-sections, appendectomy, and endo & tube removal w/ ablation). Each recovery was very different. I had a bad infection after first c-section and took 6 months to completely heal. After appendectomy I was back to "normal" after about a month. Right now I'm 6 days post-op, doing ok but very sleepy and nauseous. I think just keep taking your antibiotics and rest rest rest! Every surgery and everyone is different. I hope you feel better soon!

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Hi Claire, just remember you've had a lot done inside and if you now have infection that will not be helping. Listen to your body and take it easy. Sending gentle hugs.


Hi I'm 3 weeks post kidney removal via lap. (Endo related) I presumed it would be same recovery as lap removal of large ovarian cyst as op is done the same way but no. Im doing well but still not up to doing much and pain is worse. You had a lot of surgery done and 2 infections on top of that. Be gentle on yourself and don't do too much. Listen to your body.


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