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Post hysterectomy and endo removal

Hi ladies, I havnt been on for a while, but feel like I need a bit of support and some opinions,

I'm 7 weeks post hysterectomy, for ADENOMYOSIS and I had ENdo removed at the same time, I also had a lap in March and they removed Endo then too,

So by week 2-3 I was feeling pretty good, a friend of mine got me a part time job to start at 6 weeks post op, by week 4-5 I had a water infection and was given antibiotics, I had pain in abdomen and groin area, pretty similar to the pain I had before, but Defo not as bad,

The water infection has cleared up but I'm still getting the pains, I started job last Thursday, but felt worse after, so ive put it back 2 weeks, it's in a cafe serving, cleaning, ect, only 4 hour 3-4 days a week.

Ive since been back to docs and there is still blood in urine but no infection, so she is sending me for scsn of kidneys, I had a stone last Sep, and internal ultrosou nd , to check recovery,

I'm just after your thoughts on 1) my pains, do you think it's recovery or could it still be endo, and 2) thoughts on job.

Thank you

I hope every one is well

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It took me six months to recover from my hysterectomy and oophorectomy; the pain was dulled each week or so but I didn't suffer with any complications but my thoughts are with you. As to the job, if they're happy for you to postpone the date you start, I'd leave it for as long as possible and certainly until the hospital determine the cause and fix the problem.

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Thank you for your reply, so do you think that having pains still, is normal, and might just be recovery, nothing more



No, for me the pain was severe immediately post surgery but after a few weeks it died down week after week; if you've had an infection it may be this which is causing the pain so you need to get that checked. Pain is normal post-surgery but whilst complications are also not uncommon, it may be indicative of something else.

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Think I need to wait till my scans come back, hopefully clear, and I can go from there, the problem is I was in soooo much pain prior to my hysterectomy, that anything is better than that, I just thought I would feel much better by now, maybe I'm just being impatient and over doing things



Maybe; I was lucky (sort of); I was employed and had the surgery on 4th December 2004 but signed off by my surgeon and paid until end of March 2005 which helped. Then lived on savings for a few months until I fully recovered. Now I'm stuck too because I'd love to work part time but living in the country, jobs don't pay well even in supposedly good sectors and part time means losing too much money. I should have stayed in London!

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hi hun, i am 10 weeks post hysterectomy and oophorectomy and was addmitted back into hospital post 2 weeks with a kidney stone, i still get the odd twinge of deep pain but certainly nothing to the extent i was feeling before op. it can take up to a year for your body to fully recover. i returned back to work full time at 8 weeks, not because i was ready more because i was skint. i am feeling tired but rest alot more inbetween my shifts at home and hope in a month or two my body clock will just fall back into a regular pattern. i work in a hospital so they are understanding to a certain extent, but i certainly dont rush around at the mo and just take each day as ot comes. i hope you feel stronger soon, dont rush yourself take time to recover, you know your body better than anyone else


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