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Advice after surgery

Hi, I had my 5th surgery on the 3rd dec, i had helica treatment to the endometriosis and my left ovary freed from my pelvic wall, my surgeon also said my bowel and a good portion of my intestine is loaded and was also fused to my stomach wall which has also being freed, ive being put on movicol to try help, 4 days after surgery I started having right side pelvic pain radiating down my groin and slight brown discharge the pain stayed the same over the next few days and I also noticed my urine was a brighter yellow with a strong odour but I have no burning etc when I urinate but today I woke up with worse pain, heavy bleeding with big clots (roughly 1 pad every hour and a half) & now I have a sharp throbbing pain in the right side of my lower back, im trying my best to cope at home with calling my consultant/GP but im really beginning to struggle, I have no idea if the pains from my uterus/ovaries, my bowel, the surgery, an infection or more than one thing going on at once, is there anything I can do at home or should I call/go to my GP incase I have an infection or something?

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Hi there. Did your surgeon say anything about what to expect after the op or the side effects of the medication you're on?

From what you've said I would be inclined to consult your specialist asap, if only for advice, as they have a duty of care to provide the appropriate post-op aftercare. And with the amount of blood you're losing and the pain you've described, I think, like you say, there could be a few things going on.

Best get checked out x

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After surgery, as you well know I'm sure, you should get gradually better not worse. They say to ring the ward you were on if you have any problems and they should have given you that number before you were discharged. If not ring your GP asap. It's always best to err on the side of caution after surgery and that much bleeding isn't what I would call normal.

I hope you feel better soon.


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Thanks for replying, I have got the ward number, the nurse said if it was right after surgery I could call, if time has passed I should go to a&e (Im unsure how long she classes as right after surgery)

My surgeon didn't say much about what to expect, he seemed most concerned about my bowel being loaded and fused ( i am trying to eat as much fibre as i can but most high fibre foods contain gluten which i cannot eat)

I've had my ovaries fused before and my appendix was fused on my 4th surgery which he removed but my bowel has never being involved before, I think because this is my 5th time he presumed I have an idea of what to expect, I did have some bleeding last time but not this bad and not with all the pain.

I do have pernicious anemia and I do worry with bleeding so much if it will have a knock on effect, ideally ide like to help myself at home but the things im doing like taking my tablets, using a heat pack, resting up, drinking plenty of water etc doesn't seem to be enough, I do hate having to call/go somewhere for help as I feel theres people out there who need more help than me and im just wasting their time but I think with your advice I will call somewhere today if this bleeding doesn't slow down, I am glad I found this community as I don't know anyone who has endometriosis and it can make you feel very alone like nobody understands or can offer advice/tips.

Thanks again :) xx

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Hi. If you are in so much pain and all these things are happening after your 5th OP Go back to the hospital that you had the OP done and ask to see the doctor who did the OP to see why this is happening. Hope everything goes ok for you.


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