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Post-surgery bladder sensation problems

Hi ladies

I'm new to this forum but am looking for some help and advice. I've just had laparoscopic surgery for level 4 endo. Apparently my bladder, uterus, rectum and ovaries were all stuck to each other with endo adhesions. The surgeons managed to remove it all. However since the surgery I've had massive problems passing water. My main concern is that I've not got any sensation in my bladder. Has anyone else had this? Does it just get gradually better? I really hope so as it's not very pleasant!



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Could it possibly be cystitis from the catheter that they used during the operation? This happened to me and it turned into a kidney infection which needed a couple if rounds of antibiotics to sort.


Hi... Im 10days post lapo.. and i had endo removed and coil fitted. This is my 2nd lapo in 2years and first time all was fine this time i feel awful and also dont have feeling when bladder is full.. and they didnt nees remove any from my bladder.. hoping sensation all comes back.


Hi Hun. Yes I did after my first lap a couple of years back. I felt like I couldn't empty my bladder properly and like there was a loss of sensation. Took a couple of weeks to go back to normal.


same happened to me sweet apart from I couldnt empty my bladder at all its been almost 5 weeks since my op and now I am having to self catheterisation I am now wait a. appointment from urology if you would like to talk feel free to message me :-) xx


I've had the same. Although I can pass urine by myself, my bladder isn't fully emptying. I have no sensation when I need to go. I have to self catheterise and ended up with a UTI, I was pretty ill. My consultant just keeps saying the feeling will come back. But my surgery was three months ago.


Thank you lovely ladies for all your support and advice. Fingers crossed that it gets better soon. Lots of luck to you all. xx


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