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Possible PID caused by Endometriosis

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I'm really new to this blog and I've never really posted on sites about my problem's but here goes.

About 4 weeks ago I had a positive pregnancy test which turned out to be a faulty test... after a doctors visit, I was told I had a small water infection and was given 3 days of antibiotics... few days later I was still having lower abdominal paid which I thought was my PCOS... the doctor said I STILL had a water infection and gave me a 2nd lot of antibiotics... long story short on Tuesday this week I was given a 3rd course of antibiotics and was told I still had a water infection...

They sent my wee sample to the hospital which came back as NO infection a date in was to stop the antibiotics.. today *Friday* my GP said I had blood and pus in my wee suggesting I had an infection but NOT a water infection... my GP feels I need to be tested for Endometriosis and informed me I may have PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) caused by endometriosis... I have been referred for an urgent scan and also referred to see a gynecologist who will test of it have endometriosis... can anyone relate to this or give me any advice on what to expect when I see the gynecology department.. I'm so shaky thinking about it all. I feel scared and frustrated.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

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See that's why I was confused. My GP told me endo can cause the PID. I have lower abdominal pain most of the time and I have done for months... each time I have been to doctors my GP has said it's my PCOS probably and they couldnt do anything... but I'm. Forever tires, have pains more left abdominal but it's starting on the right more often. I had a miscarriage in June and he said it could all be tired in with that.. I'm just confused.

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PS I have also had all test for STI's and STD's x

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It can be caused by endo though, I'm proof of it.

Endometriosis can cause Ph imbalance in the vagina which can cause a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis. Yeast infections clear up on their own but BV can stay and spread to the pelvic organs and cause an infection there.

When I went on birth control pills the first time I got yeast infections like crazy (so I got swabs & they came back fine) and then on the progesterone only 1 (I'm on now) I developed a kidney infection and got BV that spread to PID about a week or 2 after antibiotics were done. I was in the hospital with a high fever, nausea, and extreme pain, they tried a pelvic exam but it hurt all over.

I took antibiotics for a week and it cleared up right after but the antibiotics are disgusting.

I would get some swabs done, BV isn't an std either so it's possible you got it from a ph imbalance too.

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Wow this is really helpful. And one point I was forever treating myself for thrush which at times my partner never had any signs of. They have done all the BV tests STD'S and STD'S and they have all been negative. I've had a water sample sent to the lab which came back no infection but I have blood and pus in my wee still suggesting there is an infection some where but they don't know where.

I'd say the pain I get is a mild pain which comes on for about a few minutes at a time and can keep going on and off during the day. The pain feels like it's where my ovaries would be, and that's the only way I can describe it... but as for needing a wee that's just comes on all of a sudden and I need to go.

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That might be a kidney stone, I had one and had pain in my uretuers which is very close to the ovaries and had to pee a lot. I'd ask for an X-ray if you can get it.

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Thank you so much. I will mention everything people have said to the hospital and see what they can do.

Thank you hannah xx

Before I was diagnosed with endometriosis I had constant water infection symptoms, test always came back from lab as no infection. Eventually after 5 years I had a lap endo was removed and not had any symptoms of water infections since. Do still get some abdo pain tho. X

My diagnosis was kicked off by bladder problems, I went to the gp thinking i had a kidney or urine infection and maybe needed antibiotics and instead gp got a history spotted the gynae link, did an internal exam, found a nodule and referred me for possible fibroid or endo along with possible ic interstitial cystitis (inflammation or scarring not an infection which has connection with endo nhs.uk/Conditions/interstit...

I'm a bit surprised your gp gave you antibiotics without checking if you had an infection though, as antibiotic resistance is a serious problem.

I am now booked for a cystoscopy to look in my bladder and laparoscopy to look in my tummy to see the problem, after a scan it's a common next step. There are treatments that can help irritation symptoms by flushing the bladder and there are hormone and surgical options for endo so try not to worry to much too soon. X

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I'm forever having gynecology promlems.. I always have :( ... I had previously cancerous cells removed a few years ago... I've suffered a hemorrhage, I've got mild dyscariosis *I cant spell that word sorry*.. been trying for a baby for 6 years and then I fell pregnant in may and suffered a miscarriage in June and only 5 weeks and 4 days but my hormones was all over the place... it's all just a mess.

It really sounds like you have had a lot of problems too bless you. How long have you been having problems for? If you don't mind me asking that is.

Period wise from the very first and dyspareunia forever too, I tried to investigate in my mid 20s but to no avail, then had a cervix abnormal cell operation in my late 20s. My symptoms worsened alot in the last year or two since turning 40 though, like it moved on a stage. But the bladder this September was a new level of discomfort and disruption and last straw that drove me back to the GP. So sorry to hear it's so tough for you so early and in trying to conceive on top of it all. X

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Aww bless you hun. It's awful because you start to think it's all in your head but it's not. I'm 27 in January.. luckily I had a baby boy when I was only 17 but I see him as my miracle baby, the odds were stacked against me during his pregnancy BUT he's now 9 :) he has autism and Tourettes but he's perfect.

I've got a ultrasound scan at 2 this afternoon to see if that shows anything. I'm still waiting to hear from gynecology with an appointment.


Good luck sweetie x

Good luck sweetie x let us know how it goes

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Heyyy. I had my ultrasound scan on Tuesday and the lady told me that it now doesn't even look like I have PCOS?? I told her to then explain my missed periods, struggle with getting pregnant, etc and she had no idea :(. My ovaries are apparently bulky but not enough for PCOS.

I'm still waiting for gynecology to contact me with an appointment for endometriosis ..I've still got blood, pus and leukocytes in my wee so I've got to also have a blood test next week . they now the think the infection could be related to my kidneys... but it's still anyone's game TBH huni.


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