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Could I have an infection?

I had my laparoscopy last Friday, so just over a week ago and I was told to shower after 48hours and to not touch/remove my dressings until 10days later (which will be tomorrow). However I've noticed that the dressing has some pus/discharge underneath it. I've also noticed a slight lingering smell coming from my stomach/belly button area, although I don't know if the smell is in my head and I'm just being paranoid. 

Could this be an infection? If it turns out to be an infection what happens? How long does it take to get rid of it? 

I should also note that I'm getting pains around my belly button and also finding it really itchy as well. 

Thanks for any help you can give 

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Sounds very much like an infection. Can you get in to see the GP in the next few days? Antibiotics will clear that up. 


Sounds like an infection to me. Do you have a fever? How do you feel in yourself? If you feel unwell then try your out of hours doctors and start with antibiotics rather than wait until Monday x


hi fatcat. if there looks like there is pus then it is highly likely to be an infection. also new pain is a sign of infection too. the itching may just be healing. i would advise u to get checked out by a dr asap before it gets any worse. i had an infection after my first lap and i had to have a swab done and 3 different types of antibiotics to get rid of it. it probably set my recovery back by another 2 / 3 weeks unfortunately so best to get it looked at sooner rather than later. 


Sounds like an infection to me. Call gp to have it checked out. Itchyness can be because the skin is healing. 

They told me as well to keep dressings on, but taken them off quickly to let the skin/wounds dry and heal. 

Dressings are good for keeping dust and dirt away, but it doesnt allow the skin to dry out and this can cause problems sometimes. 


This happened to me. I was told it was OK to shower as the dressings were supposed to be waterproof. But water got in and it all went a bit oozy and pussy. I should get to a GP as soon as you can for some antibiotics just to be sure but for now I suggest you go to a chemist if you can and get some of those breathable melonin dressings and regularly replace yours with those. They will soak up the discharge and don't wet that area again now until it is healed. I should ask the chemist whether you should dab it clean with anything first. It can be worrying but apparently it happens a lot. I think we really should be told to keep the wounds dry for at least a week as it really wouldn't be too much trouble to wash around the wounds. 


Thanks everyone for your replies. I removed my dressings before and it was a little bit weepy. I cleaned it straight away, and now it is looking okay but quite painful. So I'll just see how it goes today and maybe go the the docs tomorrow. 


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