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I've just been to the doctors this morning. He's approved of having surgery, and he wants me to have it as soon as possible, so I will have a pre-op at the hospital when I get given the date. Originally I was having to wait 3 months to go to the hospital to see how the pill is working, but we've decided that whether the pill helps my pains or not (which it doesn't) that surgery is the answer, so he's pushed my hospital appointment forward, so at least I don't have to wait 3 months.

I was asking him loads of questions. Mostly about a specialist centre, but only the gynaecologist at the hospital can refer me to the specialist centre, so I will ask when I go for my pre-op. But I have a feeling that they won't let me go to a specialist centre as it's only for the diagnostic lap. But I will try my best.

I'm feeling quite positive about it all now, but I'm sure I will be having second thoughts when it gets closer to the time.

So, what happens during the pre-op?

Thanks :)

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  • That doesn't seem right to me at all. My GP referred me to a specialst centre at my request dispite being under the care of the gynae dept at my local hospital. I would recommend you go to the specialist centre for the lap becuase they are skilled enough to remove endo at the same time... why put yourself through 2 possible surgeries when you can have just one... As I mentioned before, I was already under the care of my local gynae unit and they gave me a date for a diagnostic lap but I declined as I was due to see the specialist later that week... it took two appointments at the specialist centre and they decided a lap was the way forward, now I'm booked for a lap on Friday with treatment at the same time... I had delayed my surgery by 3 months but at least now I know that I'm being treated by someone who knows this disease inside out.

    sometimes you have to be forceful with GP's and take the details of the specialist you want to go to with you so they can contact them... I found the list of specialist centres on the BGSE website...

    good luck.

  • I was pretty set on wanting a specialist centre. I kept bringing it up multiple times. But he said it's not up to him to refer me. He said I'll have to ask the gynaecologist when I go for my appointment. I'm adamant I want to go to a specialist centre, but I feel like because I'm only 19, they don't take me seriously. I do take my mum with me, but to be honest, I'm the one who is more forceful with the doctors.

    I've looked on the BSGE website and found one 1 hour away from me, which I am willing to travel to, to get the job done right, but I have to convince whoever is in charge of referral.

    Thanks :)

  • For me my GP wasn't very willing to send me to a specialist centre. Had to say multiple times i want to go here and he replied you cant be referred here by me it has to be your gyne. I said i thought i had the right to be referred to any centre i want in england and he said no that's not right at all. He then went up to speak to someone in charge. He came back down and went right where do you want to go?

    Haha obviously someone had told him that i do have the right.

    Go back to your GP and say i need to be sent to the hospital i want cos as was said above there's no point having 2 laps when you can just have one where you want it :) x

  • Is it different in Wales though? He was a really nice doctor, so I don't think he was being funny about it. He was really helpful. So maybe he can't actually authorise a referral to the specialist. He said to ask the gynaecologist when I go. So I will, and I'm not taking no for an answer from them, because they've messed me about enough. But I can see them trying their best to keep me with them, because my appointment is for a pre-op with them.

    Thanks :)

  • Oh yh forgot you are in wales at the moment :) is the specialist centre in wales aswell? Thats good :)

  • So is it because I'm in Wales? I hope that is the reason, and not just doctors being awkward.

    Yeah, the specialist centre is in Chester. It's over an hour from me, but it'll be worth it if things turn out well :)

  • Possibly obviously i dont know much about it. Might be worth trying to reach out to people who live in wales so know what the procedures are. I was worried then that the centre you wanted to go to was in england cos im pretty sure that you cant be reffered to england from wales, this is just reading past posts. Yh if you've done the research and you think this is the best place for you then go for it :)

  • Yeah, thank you :)

  • Hi Jess I think things are a bit different in Wales. But when you see the gynaecologist insist that they refer you to specialist. Let us know when you get a date. The pre op basically just consists of height and weight measurements, questions about your health and medications, blood pressure check and possibly blood test, although I had to have mine done at general hospital over the road a week before op. Take care Hun.

  • I will insist. But if they say I can't, I don't know what I will do. I don't know when the house will sell, so I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait if I want to do all this once I'm back in England. I want my op done as soon as possible, as I'm in pain almost every day, but I want it done properly. So bit of a dilemma.

    Ok, that sounds alright. Not so keen on the blood test (I had one today and was almost being sick) but I can cope. I read last night that they stick a finger up your anus to feel the endo, so I'm glad that's not involved haha

    So after your pre-op where they checked height, weight and all the other information, how soon after it was your operation?

    Thanks :)

  • For me it was two weeks but it was cancelled as I had uti, was then rescheduled for ten days.

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