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Just had my first lap - Question re Meds

I had my diagnostic/excision lap the day before yesterday. The only real evidence that I had Endo was the cyst on my ovary, so I was somewhat in denial. However when they got in there, everything was stuck together, they took out my appendix because it attached to something, detached this from that, de-corkscrewed my bowel and fixed my ovaries.

About a 3 hour surgery and the doc says I should go back in three months to remove the deep stuff that he left alone (another 2 1/2 hour surgery) and a third op to put my ovaries back (they are currently sewed to the side so nothing sticks to them.

I'm kind of relieved in a way, I'm always worried I have appendicitis, so one less thing to worry about and the doc said that the work he's already done, should mean I could be fertile (though he recommends full excision before I actually try). Hopefully I will feel good after all the stuff they fixed It's just so expensive ;(

The first day after the lap was pretty hard but I'm already starting to feel like myself (still very stiff and on pain killers obviously). Just thought I would let you ladies know that even though they found alot wrong with me, the surgery and recovery isn't as bad as I expected.

Does anyone know if I'm able to have a bath?

He also wanted to put me on Zoladex? for the three months to keep the endo down before the next surgery but I have fragile bone density and my other specialist isn't keen. Does anyone know what an alternative treatment might be? He was going to give me some pills to stop ovulation, but he though I was going to take the Zoladex so cancelled it, I'm not sure what it was?

Any advice regarding pills to keep me well until next surgery would be really useful.

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Well my mum has osteoporosis and the only thing I have been told not to have is the Depo Provera injection as that can lower bone density. I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis but turned out to be scarring aggravated by my last laparoscopy. Compared to me your condition sounds a lot worse and depending on pain relief requirements if they are looking to operate again I'd try manage that until then...maybe see your GP. With your history they can see if they can suggest pain relief. That's what I am doing now and have managed to get back to work, not that its easy as pain varies from day to day. Hope that helps xxx


Thanks for your reply. I really don't want to lose any more bone density so I'll definitely ask them about alternatives.


Hi, just to answer your question re bathing, I would personally think it was a bit too soon to have a bath. It helps the healing process to keep the area as dry as possible for a good few days after surgery. Literature usually says 48 hours but my sister who is a nurse advised me to keep the area of my stitching dry for about 4 days or so.


Thanks, I'm so keen for one, but healing comes first.


I asked my doc about bone density as my dad has osteporosis and my vitamin d is always low. He said livial Hrt stops this hope that helps x


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