First lap but no bowel prep?

Hi I have seen posts on here discussing bowel prep for a lap, i have my first one in 3 weeks however it is now just to diagnose and remove cysts as the specialist i saw said he thinks it is all on my bowel so will have a 2nd op with a bowel specialist, so i had my pre op but there was no mention of bowel prep, is this not always needed just for a diagnostic lap?? i just don't want to get there and then be told i should of done this? I also had my letter through from the hospital to confirm the op but it just says take bowel prep if given in pre op?

ps I am also extremely nervous about it so any hints and tips for it or the after care after it will be much appreciated :)


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  • I didn't have bowel prep for the diagnostic lap. Then had it at the second major operation where a bowel surgeon was present.

    All the best

  • thank you

  • Maybe ring the consultant you see's secretary and make double sure you don't need it I had a bowel prep , well enemas first lap because of bowel issues and had endo cut from rectum during lap. My pre op they didn't mention it even when I asked but consultant had mentioned it so kept on and and got them to check and I did need it . Quite quick to check and at least you know you will get to op totally ready 💗💗

  • Are you being treated at a BSGE centre as a general gynaecologist is not allowed to operate when the bowel is involved.

  • Hi Lindle, i am at liverpool womens which i know is a bsge centre but I'm not sure if thats who my lap is with, the specialist i saw when i was admitted in to a&e the other week and who said i would need a 2nd operation with a bowel specialist, i was told by the nurse he was an endo specialist?

  • I never had bowel prep for my lap or when i had my ovary removed and then a year later when i had total hysterectomy, maybe its the surgeons preference!

  • I didn't have to have bowel prep and I had my first lap today. Could be worth giving them a ring to find out and it'll put your mind at ease :)

  • Thanks cupcake1617 hope your feeling ok after your lap xx

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