Having my second lap tomorrow.. now the fear and doubt has started setting in :(

Hey ladies, I'm having my second lap tomorrow; I was originally feeling good about it ,but now I'm feeling really scared and worried. My symptoms have been the exact same as before my first lap and I knew that my endo has definitely returned. During my consultation with the specialist (he's also performing the surgery) he mentioned that my symptoms may not be all down to endo and he may not find any present. I didn't really worry about this at the time as I knew in myself that it was endo and he was most likely saying this due to the length of time I had to wait before being offered any treatment. It's now the night before my lap and I find myself doubting myself, I'm also worried about what else it could be if it's not endo.

I know I'm probably just being stupid but I don't know how to set my mind right again. I also worry that it'll be months before I find out whether I have endo or not as after my first lap (at a different hospital) they wouldn't tell me anything after the operation and discharged me with no information. I had to wait 3 months to be told what was found/what was performed during surgery - does this still happen or do the doctors now tell you before you leave what was found?

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  • I had one lap a month ago, my symptoms are still exactly the same , I have endo and had removed, don't know if I need more healing time ? but they told me as soon as I was awake and aware, what they found and what they did, the showed me pictures of my endo, hopefully you get answers soon x Goodluck x

  • It may be that you need a bit more healing time, I know I had pain after while I was healing. Hopefully you'll be feeling good in no time! I don't think I'd want to see pictures, but it's good to know that they tell you as soon as you're awake now. Thanks for letting me know :) xx

  • My symptoms never went until say 2months after .. The gyno said it could takes months for the pain to go .. So rest up don't push your body it's been through a lot xx

  • Thanks for the advice :) x

  • Hi.. I was told straight after mine only briefly though. Could you let me know how you get on please because I'm feeling exactly the same about my endo returning .. Good luck hope you get the answers you need xx

  • I'll definitely update you, it's horrible when you can't tell if it's just random pain or endo returning. Mine returned about 6 months after my first lap, started with irregular bleeding then the pain gradually started returning until it was unbearable again. I had the pain in the exact same places as last time as well as a few new places and found that the pain was a lot worse than before too.

    I'd say go and see your GP as soon as you can, it's better to be on a gyne/endo waiting list before it gets too bad! I saw my GP as soon as I started bleeding and was giving medication, ultrasounds etc, my GP also put me straight on the waiting list at an endo clinic as the waiting times are really long (you see a nurse specialist before being referred on to a consultant). It's taken me 10 months from seeing my GP to my lap date, but in that time I was also referred to a pain clinic (they know a lot more about medication and can arrange physiotherapy for you too) so I now have suitable medication where my daily pain is around 6/10 as opposed to 9/10. At least if the endo does come back after this second lap I know what medication and pain management techniques to go straight to.

    I really hope your endo isn't returning, good luck with your GP :) xx

  • Thank you .. I'm booked on with doc for Tuesday .. Everything ur staying Is what I'm feeling. U have a good support team I really need to talk to my go about that. Good luck today .. Thinking of you xx

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