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First day back at work post-surgery went terribly


So I've just had a call from the BSGE Endo Centre my GP referred me to, telling me that they can't accept a GP referral because I'm not in that area. Apparently I need to go back to gynaecology and be referred by a consult. Why is there such a lack of communication?! My gynae put me back to my GP for him to refer me!! Now I have to wait to be referred to gynae to then wait to see been at the endo centre.

Also, the endo centre need to either accept or decline my case so really I could be declined after months of waiting and not get to see an endo specialist.

I've also just had my work tell me I'm basically throwing my job away by asking to get away early to get to the doctors because I've been in a lot of pain all day and had vomited twice while at work. Apparently a week is too much time to need off after surgery and I shouldn't need any more because I'm still in my probationary period I can't take any time off. They knew about my surgery when they hired me!!

I feel like all I've done is cry today. I've tried to bloody hard at this job and have never complained pre-surgery so why now because I'm going to be waiting to see a specialist am I being called unfit for work? All because I'm still recovering from surgery!!

I am absolutely distraught.

It feels like I'm constantly fighting a losing battle here and that I will never get the help I need.

I really am sick of employers treating me like a piece of dirt on their shoe because I'm sick.

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Hi, sounds horrible. I suggest you ask your GP to write to the gynaecologist asking them to refer you to the endo centre. They just need to clarify that this is the correct process (which presumably the gynaecologist didn't know). No need for you to wait to be seen again. At least that should speed things up again bit.

Are you a member of a union? They should be able to help if you are being unfairly treated at work. If you are sick, you are sick and you have some rights.

Take care of yourself.

staceymacg in reply to Fabbird

Thankyou for your response. I really need some support just now.

I'll get to my GP on Friday morning, I didn't manage to get there today by the time I calmed myself down after that mess at work.

No I am not part of a union, but I will look into it. I'm really struggling with the idea of losing this job as my fiancé and I have recently came out of out financial troubles and I can't lose this job but I feel like I'm being penalised for taking time to recover after surgery.

I'm a mess right now

Omg that sucks. I actually work in NHS and am going through sickness monitoring procedure due to all the time I have had off over past year. The healthcare employer that doesn't care much for their employees' health 🙄 I get guilt tripped by my manager constantly. Even when I'm signed off he phones me asking if I'm coming back earlier. I ignore his call most of the time and just text a reply. I agree join a union, I really need to do that. I was with one before I left nhs previously and came back to nhs begrudgingly. The whole referral process from GP to consultant seems so hit and miss, even for my lap it took my GP referring back to the consultant four times before I got an appointment due to them saying they never received it. It's so frustrating.

I thought I read previously here that on the bgse website they do accept referrals from GPS but I wonder if it is down to certain GP location catchment areas. I know in the nhs service I work for our catchment area isn't just a particular county boundary but a mix of one part of a county and half of another depending on GP location.

I hope it gets clarified as I know my nearest bgse isn't in the same county I'm in so will be interesting how yours gets sorted. Good luck.

staceymacg in reply to Jo0410

I just feel it's unacceptable to come out with that as soon as I've returned after surgery? I mean I've never had any time off priori considering I've still been unwell.

Yeah it's frustrating now I'm going to have to wait to see gynae again before I could even be accepted x

Hi , the endo centre is completely wrong. Your GP can refer you. Under patient choice you have the right to choose who you see. Whether that is your local endo centre or another one.

I live in Southampton where we have a endo centre but now go to the one in Poole. My choice and GP referred me.

I felt totally let down when I was told this.

I'm going to my GP on Friday morning to discuss it x

I think they need to write to the actual consultant rather than the usual e referral (choose and book). Hope this helps.

If you have a hr department it might be worth talking to them. Under the equality act you have the right to ask for reasonable adjustments is time off for surgery and appointments. Also refused hours or phased return after surgery.

Don't let them bully you or make you feel like you're abusing your job. You told them about your surgery so it's not like they didn't know.

You could also call citizens advise.

We do have HR so I'll speak to my actual team leader tomorrow who is usually very supportive and see what she says.

I really think how she treated me was wrong.

She asked to see my medication and when I showed her she complained because I didn't have the box and she couldn't see how often I needed them?

Apparently I am now unfit for work because I have to wait to see a specialist? I have been sick since I started and never complained. This time off is because I'm still recovering from surgery.

I really feel totally distraught :( xx

I never had the option for phased return after surgery...

Oh no.. My surgeon told me I would need at least 2/3 weeks to recover! I slept for 10 days! Well done for going back, I could not have done it!!!

I dobt know what to say, here in London I seem to have been luckier, it took a few months only.. But Im going back.. It is never ending battle.. If work doesnt support you, it is distressing, how will you cope without money???

staceymacg in reply to stephani

Exactly. It's extra stress that I don't need right now

Try the ombudsman at work, or the citizen bureau advice? You can see a lawyer for free.. They can be very helpful, you need support from professional.. Yeah I had phased return, it is your right. You need a occupational health appoinment, they will send you to a doctor who will assess your situation, speak to HR.

staceymacg in reply to stephani

Okay thankyou. I've had to call in today to get to the doctors and I never had any sleep last night at all. I'm terrified about going back now :( x

Bethleah in reply to staceymacg

Google then contact acas as they are the employment specialists and like citizens advice are free x

Goodness me that is horrible. I am so sorry! Keep fighting and go see HR. Maybe take the Endo UK employers guide with you? As for the BSGE rejection - seems like a joke. I hope that doesn't happen for me since I'll be going through the exact same process in the same location. How are you feeling now?

staceymacg in reply to Mezo

I'm going to call my gynae's secretary and see what she can do! I'm feeling terrible about work :( I've had to take today off as I was up all night in pain and shaking. It was the worst night in a while!! I'm dreading going back tomorrow x

Mezo in reply to staceymacg

You really should be taking time off to heal :( And might entitled to sick pay. I hope you get it dealt with. X

Check out NHS choices about being able to see who you want print it off and give it to your go I did this when I needed a bgse referral. But please chase them after a month to make sure they receive it at bgse. The medical secretary at the go failed to send my referral I found out 2 months later so 2 month delay in getting help. X

staceymacg in reply to Bethleah

That's awful!! X

Mezo in reply to Bethleah

Have you got a link for that??

Bethleah in reply to Mezo

No sorry but google nhs right to choose consultant or something I also printed off all the info on bgse centres as some gps haven't heard of them x

Mezo in reply to Bethleah

Perfect thank you so much! X

Bethleah in reply to Mezo

Try nhs .uk your right to choice. There are some restrictions but generally speaking you should be able to x

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