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Meeting the surgeon before lap

I'm just wondering if everyone met their surgeon before their lap? I have seen the endo specialist at our local hospital who has put me on the waiting list but he no longer does surgery. He said it would be done by one of his two colleagues and that I should be able to meet the person on the day. I feel very uncomfortable about this especially as when I had my Pre-op they said I would meet the anaesthetist but might not see the surgeon. I'm going to contact PALS but wondered what all of your experiences have been xx

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Hi I met both although my surgeon is my endo consultant so that really helped . Hope this helps. Good luck


I met the surgeon (who is also the endo consultant) both on the day of the operation and in advance.


Last time I met my 'surgeon' on the day, but then he didn't end up being my surgeon, his consultants were as I had 2 doing my lap last year. I met one of them after my surgery to tell me how it all went, etc.

This year I met my surgeon as he as my consultant but haven't had my surgery yet. You do usually meet someone in their team who will tell you what their plans are etc. X


I met my surgeon on the morning of my op. Turns out he is the consultant and I had previously seen his registrar.

Also met the anaesthesiologist (sp) on morning of my op. Hope all goes well for you xx


Thanks girls! I spoke to my NHS hospital today - would have to wait until Jan for them to look at giving me a lap appointment!! Really hope the private surgery works out but that's like jumping through hoops too!!! xx


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