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Pain Relief

Hey everyone :)

I had my laparoscopy 4 weeks ago tomorrow and had the coil fitted at the same time. I've been on a period for around 3 weeks now and every time it gets heavy the pain can get unbearable and I've tried naproxen, co-codamol, ibuprofen and feminax and nothing seems to be helping. Has anybody else experienced this, if so what seemed to help calm the pain down?

Any helps appreciated xxx

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I use 60mg codeine 4 times a day. But you have to be very careful with codeine... it is an opiate and it is VERY addictive. You would have to make sure you only use it when it is your period, if you don't want to get stuck on this drug. But it definitely helps the pain. However I have asthma so codeine was the only option, can't take anti inflammatory meds as it makes my breathing very bad. I found mebeverine helps. But really you should tell your Dr if it is impeding on your everyday life, you should have something that works. Hopefully the coil will be magic for you like I have heard it is for so many people.

Good luck.


That's what I'm hoping the gynaecologist I saw told me to grin and bear it for a while it's just a little frustrating every day it's the same. Will definitely speak to somebody tomorrow I think and find something that helps

Thank you xxx



You could ask your doctor for some tramadol, just for the short term. I find it much better than co codamol for endo pain plus it doesn't make you constipated.



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