Recommendations of pain relief?!

does anyone have any recommendations on controlling of pain. I have Endometriosis and sadly never been told a stage. I take solphadol which does not even work anymore but I take to ease the pain for an hour, I also take tramadol, anyone else take that? It doesn't seem to do a lot just gives me really back side effects, sweating, itchy skin, headaches and flu symptoms. I'm fed up of my doctors because they just will not give me anything and im losing all will to live. I just about work full time and in constant pain, does anyone have any advice. I've asked people on Twitter yet they won't respond to me. So much for being a support group.

Sorry for the rant.

Louise x

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Try with Pycnogenol 150mg and Melatonin (dose depends on the stage of pain).

Wow I've never heard of these ill ask my doctor Wednesday! Thank you so much xx

Pycnogenol is a an antioxidant herb, much clinically researched, and in dr Andrew Cook's (endo specialist from the US) book on Endometriosis. Its totally safe even if your doctor has never heard of it.

Melatonin, on the other hand, is a bit tricky, in that our brain produces a small amount every night, during sleep, so it cannot be taken indefinatelly, only for a limited period of time, so as not to disturb the natural production in the brain. But its very effective for pain, and can be taken when the pain becomes unbearable.

Good luck x

Hi, I would recommend to ask your doctor to put you on zoledex injections they stop your periods so no pain before your menstrual cycle and the pain during is nothing I have stage 3-4 endo and this helped me alot also get into a routine like I stopped trampoline and that because your body gets used to it so try two paracetamol and one codeine phosphate change it up abit, hannah xx

I've been on those injections and the side effects where horrid on me and my hair fell out really badly :( I just feel doctors won't touch me anymore xx

Ahh yeah the side effects are horrid, am on a research trail at the moment with Liverpool hospital with a new drug they might be bringing out ask your GP it's called elagolix you have a specialist team with you 100% and it's to help manage pain, you could give that a try :) xxx

I agree the side effects are awful, I have two weeks pain just after the injection, then the flushes, vomiting, aching joints start. And I can't get to sleep. Then it's painful again. This is only my second injection. I won't be having them anymore as this injection has only added to the endometriosis pain. But sometimes it can work for others, but its not for me. Good luck

Have you tried Naproxen? You can combine it with opiate based drugs and paracetamol. I wouldn't say I love it as I do get side effects, but overall I cope with them okay to gain the pain relief when I really need it. You do have to take it for a period of time for it to work - so you'd start taking it before you'd expect pain if your pain is intermittent - e.g. before ovulating and period. If your pain is jot intermittent then you just take it daily.

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