Mirena - pain relief? Help!!

Oh my holy moly ... I have had the the Mirena for about 5 weeks now and other than dizziness and spotting (previous post) was okay until last week ... persistent achy dull burny twisty horrible pain all weekend causing lack of sleep and knock on effect symptoms. Then mahoosive period appeared on Sunday and tonight I have spent hours on the floor sobbing unconsolably in sheer excruciating pain. I have taken cocodamol, ibuprofen, used heat pack, ate chocolate, had cuddles and chocolate and nothing is helping however after many hours it has eased very  slightly. I feel like my womb has been doused in petrol, set on fire and twisted and twisted and twisted whilst a piece of barbed wire is pulled back and forth across my pelvis - anybody get me? I'm not wanting to blame the coil and shout about how awful it is as I know it takes a while to settle and that's fine but I have also never ever been prescribed pain relief for the endo either and now I think I reaaaaaaallly need it - over the counter stuff just isn't cutting it ... going to try GP tomorrow but can anybody recommend certain pain relief over others? Sorry for such big story, feeling very sorry for myself xxx

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  • That sounds horrible i hope theain has gone . You should have gone to a and e . It could have been or could be a cycit which is caused by the coil i had pain similarbut not yhat bad when i had it last year we were on hoilday .i was given 2 lots of pain killer and an antyboitic he said it would go naturaly .

    hope you see someone today best yo grt it looked at personaly i woukd go straight to hospital xxxx

  • Thank you for your advice, i really did consider it but have been in the past and get looked at like I'm crazy! I have a gynae appointment on Monday but will try the doctors today as well xx

  • Have you had a laposcopy? To remove the endo?

  • I've had diagnostic lap in October but I'm only 19 and surgeon could only see minimal endo so decided it was not worth surgically removing at the risk of adhesions and scar tissue forming which he believed would affect my fertility unnecessarily in the future

  • Was your pain coming in waves like labour pains? Mine did and it turned out I'd expelled the coil (much to my gynae consultants dismay), hope your doing ok x

  • Oh nooo I hope not :( i've got my 6 week thread check on Monday so will find out then. It was a constant pain for almost 2 hours then once the cocodamol kicked in it was in waves on and off all night. It really did feel like my womb was angry at me! Has eased to almost nothing this morning but feel so nauseous :( blah sick of moaning , some days it gets me down so much xx

  • I only had mine in for two and a half weeks before it expelled itself, I new something was wrong as the pain was excruciating and literally made me drop to my knees, I was still stupid because I wouldn't let my husband take me to a&e I waited to see my own practice nurse at my surgery, I no how you feel I class myself as being one of the lucky ones as I'm not in constant pain, I get pain when I ovulate and get severe pain for up to two weeks before my period shows up and maybe a day or two after I've finished, yes I get pain during sex (sorry tmi) but compared to some of the women on here for today anyway I'm positive about it although tomorrow's a different day!! X

  • Hey,

    definitely get checked! It a sounds like your coil may have migrated or been expelled!

    Hope you are okay xx

  • I rang the Gynae nurse who inserted it who said i needed to judge my own pain - if I could cope with it then to just wait until Monday when I get my threads checked but if its migrated or expelled they won't be able to locate it :s but if not then the only people who can refer me for a scan is my GP - is this a usual process? Where would they refer me for a scan? is it a matter of urgency or will they leave me waiting for a referral? I rang my GP and she has asked me to come in as a matter of urgency so I'm going this afternoon. Scared!! xx

  • Hey, it sounds like a good idea to go in today.

    In my experience each time (3 times) it happened to me you are put on referral for an ultrasound scan...

    I think the quickest was a fortnight and the others took about a month 6 weeks...

    in addition if you notice any funny discharge make sure you tell the nurse. Some people I know have had tons of pain but it was just it 'settling' but as you are yet to have your string check cautious is best.. try not to panic miss xx

  • In addition scan is likely to be at your local hospital or if you have a gynae at another probably there xx

  • Yeah definitely get it sorted today, when mine expelled it had got stuck whilst expelling so my body thought it was in labour for 8 hours, I wasn't even in labour that long when I had my son!! But it was quite painful when the nurse managed to get it out, honestly I could have jumped off that bed and kissed her if I hadn't been in so much pain, let me no how you get on and I've got my fingers crossed that everything's ok for you x

  • Been to see lovely GP ... had to have full bimanual examination and speculum and everything (degrading and horrible whilst I'm bleeding and been at work all day first 😶) threads look as they should and are definitely there and there was no pain to touch (other than usual when having examination) so she suspects that the extreme pain and bleeding is my body getting used to it and as it's only been 5 weeks and the heaviest bleeding started on the day my usual cycle would that it should all just be fine. Doesn't necessarily mean that it hasn't migrated or dropped into my cervix but she thinks my pain would be constant if this was the case and not come and go for almost a week. Prescribed mefenemic acid to be taken with cocodamol whenever needed and told to still attend check up on Monday,  A&E if it's unbearable or back to docs if any sign of infection. Thank you lovely ladies for all your advice, understanding and support ... don't know how I would cope without this little community sometimes xxx

  • So pleased you've had your mind put at ease nd fingers crossed your pain gets better....this is the best forum I've known I'm also a member of an osteoarthritis forum and that's nothing compared to the lovely people on here x

  • Poor you I feel for you, I had the mirena removed in January after putting up with the pain from it for 7 months. I didn't get quite the same symptoms as you but one of the main ones the feeling that I was being stabbed by the mirena each month when I got my period the pain was horrendous, I did have a scan but the mirena was in the right place and no explanation could be given, I couldn't carry on like that each month so had it removed, I have since had a period and the stabbing pain has gone so I was right it was the mirena causing it. I hope you get things sorted ASAP x

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