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Alternative pain relief

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Hello ladies.

I've been struggling for over a week with horrendous pain, that my usual endo pain meds are not even touching. I went to the doctor and he wasn't all that helpful, just suggested I take paracetamol as all that is left for me is surgery (I feel like I'm waiting forever for this).

I do the warm baths and hot water bottles. I'm on amitriptyline, mefanamic acid, buscopan and transexamic acid. Such fun.

I just wanted to know what you all try as I'm desperate and fed up of feeling rough.

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Hi sorry to hear you are in pain. Can you take codeine? If so then ring your surgery and ask to speak to a gp if you can't get a face to face appointment and tell them that paracetamol aren't helping at all and can you have something stronger. (it makes me so mad 😡when a gp suggests paracetamol). Endometriosis is one the most painful condition ever according to the nhs website. Don't give up until you get some pain relief that helps you. Good luck i hope you get some relief asap. 💛

Diclofenac suppositories 50mg and can take 3 a day. No digestive issues as codene cripples me with constipation. I have had this in tablet form in 2007 and also had it with phentonyl patches......which was really really scary and horrible. I had a tangerine sized cyst on my ovary (endomential).

Also had naproxen with a gastro restraint tablet some time ago.

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Hayayaya in reply to 635703

I’ve just been prescribed naproxen after someone suggesting it on here. How has it worked for you?

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635703 in reply to Hayayaya

Very effective but you MUST take it with the gastric restraint tablet. Which you take 30 mins before the naproxen. Long term use of this anti inflammatory medicine can damage your stomach.

So now I have diclofenac in suppository form so it does t affect my bowels or stomach - makes more sense having tried both. Coidene bungs me up and that was hell on earth.

Hope you find what is best for you lovely ☺️

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Hayayaya in reply to 635703

My GP never mentioned this... going to have to fill in another econsult 🙄

Codeine was such a good pain relief but I can’t deal with constipation when having such bad abdominal pain already,

Thank you! You too

My consultant last week said 2 x tumeric tablets a day... I'm yet to see any benefits

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635703 in reply to Sofi5690

Does it take time? Like a month or 3 to see benefits? Turmeric reduces inflammation right?! So it’s adaptogenic and does what your body needs. So you might not see any notable changes/few it but it is doing you good!

The benefits of tumeric are huge - google it up.

I drink turmeric lattes LOL

2 cups of plant based milk, I use oat

1 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Argave or mayple syrup to sweeten.

Tastes rank but I am trying all things at believing they are doing me good. Transitioning to being a plant based yoga hippie here 😃😃😃😃

Feeling so much better but it’s all very hard but change IS hard.

I tried codeine (got it from the pharmacy, explained my situation, didn’t need prescription) but it resulted side effects (common apparently - I had bad chest pains) but every organism is different.

Since 4 months I adapted anti-inflammatory foods/diet and the difference is massive - my pelvic and abdominal pains decreased from roughly 2 weeks each month (with at least 2-4 days in bed) to around 3-4 days of bad pain and a day in bed. I work with a qualified dietician/nutritionist which I highly recommend though go google “anti-inflammatory diet” for more hints, things I did/do:

- I stopped coffee - it was very difficult for me but pain was worse - initially moved to decaf and then removed completely, now I regularly have turmeric latte (which I love!), I also drink organic ginger and turmeric teas (I like Pukka brand :))

- I take ginger & turmeric supplements a week before period and throughout period

- I stopped alcohol, all diary and gluten

- I pay more at attention to consume fibre (chia seeds, flaxseeds, whole foods plants etc) and it made wonders to my always bloated belly

This may sound like a lot, I’d definitely encourage anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric to at least to start with.

TENS machine also gives me some relief.

Also I started using BeYou patches instead of heat patches which work for me better I feel, particularly my IBS symptoms during the PMS and period. They’re quite cheap and no chemicals, maybe something worth trying too :)

Take care X

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lucikam in reply to monika-me

Codeine without prescription? Where did you get it from. They did not give codeine without a prescription at all.

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monika-me in reply to lucikam

From a pharmacy in London, back in 2020 - I shall add it’s codeine & paracetamol so smaller dose of codeine than pure codeine.

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lucikam in reply to monika-me

I see. Do you remember what was the codeine dosage in it? You can buy codeine and paracetamol without prescription up to 8/500mg dosage (8 mg codeine, 500 mg paracetamol). Above that 15/500, 30/500 you need a prescription.

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monika-me in reply to lucikam

I don’t remember, I suspect it was the lower dose if it was without prescription - it didn’t massively help with pain and caused me chest pains so I was advised not to take codeine anymore by a health professional from NHS 111 (the chest pains got really bad..)

Thank you everyone for your advice and support.I'm definitely making a list but joy of all joys happened today and I got my surgery date. Luckily it is happening this Friday. But I'm keeping all your valuable advice just in case it comes back with a vengeance.

Big hugs and (some) pain free days to you all 😘

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