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Post Lap - Pain when weeing - ?!?


I had a laposcopy and a hystoscopy 2 and a half weeks ago.

Endo was burnt away and a lot of poking about and 2 biopsies removed too.

Im still on pain killers from it all and still in a fair amount of pain. Firstly is this normal?

Also when i have a wee... towards the end of my wee im in alot of pain before my wee stops. The pain is all internal and very low down. A long achy pain. Is this also normal. Not sure i felt this pain a week post op, but becoming more aware of it now. Again is this suspected to happen anyway?

Thanks in advance...

Emma x

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Hi Emma you may have a urine infection. Might be worth seeking medical assistance for them to confirm?


I had my lap 21/7/14. I had TPPE, appendectomy and dye test. I noticed with going to the toilet for either, I get a really horrible pain like you described and when I go for a no.2, I get proctalgia fugax really bad also. I don't know why this is happening and as with you, it only gradually started after a week. I'm beginning to get fed up with it and its very painful. I have actually stopped taking my painkillers around three days ago. I don't know whether I should carry on?! I did have a urine infection at the time of surgery but I almost always have an infection down there. I don't know whether that's a factor or whether its because they've pushed and shoved around and its disturbed stuff and now its causing pain. Maybe we should contact our hospitals and tell them what we're experiencing and see what they say.

I hope you recover fast and that you feel better soon.

Take care.

Leya xxx



Thanks for your comment. Wow u have stopped your pain killers before me. I had mine in 15th July and im still taking my pain killers. Last few days ive been cutting back on them. But still in alot of pain and still relying on them. I also had dye test etc.

I was hoping people had experienced the same as i was presuming it was just to do with all the prodding and poking too.

As im still in alot of pain i was debating whether to book a docs appointment on monday anyway.

I really dont think it is a urine infection. Its just not that type of feeling.




Hi Emma - I'd definitely get your urine checked - after my laproscopy I couldn't wee and was put on a catheter for a short period. I picked up a hospital infection from that which could only be treated by two antibiotics - one of which I turned out to be intolerant of! (I've not had a laproscopy since then...!) It probably won't be anything like that but better to be safe than sorry!


I believe this is normal. i had a lapro, the doctor also did a lot of poking around. My first week post op appointment with my doctor, he told me that I could be in pain longer then a week, due to him poking around.

Pain while peeing, did the doctor burn everything away?? I ask, because my doctor wasn't able to burn all my endo away, far too deep & in dangerous areas, such as the ureter.


Thank u all for your comments.

I was very late at getting discharged from hospital as i couldnt wee. They did an ultrasound on my bladder and talked about a catherta but luckily managed to go a couple of hours later. (although shocked by my blue wee - from dye test - they dont tell u these things)

Ive also been on antibiotics after op anyway as a precaution of infection. But i dont think it feels like a wee infection. Its all deeply internal and i suppose its the pushing of the wee which is painful? Im unsure.

And yes they did burn some endo away.

Thanks everyone x


I had a catheter until the morning after my lap and also had antibiotics after my lap to prevent infection. I also feel like its only painful from the pushing at the end. I find that when it starts to hurt, I hold it for a second then wee, then hold again and wee until I'm empty lol. How much did they burn away with you? Xx


We seem to be experiencing the same at least. They have not told me anything. Didnt say how much they burnt away. They took two biopsies from me during it. Ive been chasing mt results of that ever since. My docs dont know. Hospital say they cant discuss over the phone and i need to see my docs and the docs cant access it! Its ridiculous. So i hav no idea whats goin on. I feel completley left in the dark with the whole process. Ive was just discharged from the hospital after lap op and now what?.....



Was it through NHS? Cuz I found that NHS were quick to not tell me what was going on whereas this time around I was in a private hospital and they told me everything that happened. They told me that there was Endo everywhere so they removed all of my left peritoneum and 3/4 of my right. Dye test and appendectomy. They also found that I have adenomyosis as well.

Maybe it could be the dye that is causing discomfort or something. I'm nor sure, it probably would be a good idea to go to the docs and check it out. Take care xx


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