Pain after Lap


Just wondering if anyone has experienced pain going for a wee after their lap.

I had my lap last week, but I still have cramping pains but when I go for a wee, it really hurts after in my lower abdomen.

They found & removed the endometriosis, it was on both ovaries & the wall between the womb & bowel.

I'm still getting cramping & lower back pain.

Does anyone know if this is normal?

Best Wishes to everyone

Lou xx

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  • I had endo removed from bladder, bowel and pelvic wall 10 days ago. I had the same feeling aswel as a sharp pain when passing urine. Gp gave me antibiotics as it was a water infection. Maybe get checked out x

  • Oh really, thank you, I will get it checked.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care xx

  • I had endo removed from my bladder and had pain when peeing for a couple of weeks. My pain was up inside and not a stinging pain on the way out, I didn't have any sign of infection. Just bruising on the bladder I think. Worth getting checked though as it's easy to get infection after the catheter x

  • 1 week post surgery same as yours and feel exactly the same when I pee. And same as Adele, it's not on outside but inside. I'm giving it another week just because it might just be a bruised bLadder or urethra from catheter; and if it carries on, will get GP to investigate it.

    Would appreciate an update on how you feel or what you would do about it if anything x just know we have exactly same symptom and exact same timeline of op x

  • Ive also asked my friend who is a nurse & she said it sounds like bruising too.

    Will see how today goes, if not improved then think I will see the Dr.

    Let me know how you are too?

    Take Care,

    Lou xx

  • Hi,

    I saw my GP yesterday & I do have a bladder infection.

    The pain is also from the bruising.

    Feel very fed up :-(

  • Hi x sorry to hear you are suffering on top of pain after op. What made the GP say you had infection? Did they do a dipstick urine test?

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