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Continued / worse pain when weeing than before my lap ??

Hi there,

i hope someone can help me. I had a laparoscopy in sept for lasering endometrosis, he found it through out lining of uterus, my ovaries had been stuck together with it and also some on my bowel (7 years to diagnose,grr)

However I dont think he looked at my bladder as i still have incredible pain when urinating and sometimes still when BM - However ive noticed the last couple of days when i wee the pain spreads up through my lower back (as if in kidney areas) My pain is also back everywhere else, groin area, bad (thought im not actually on, i think iv ovulated late last week) agony :'(

I wonder does anyone else have this and is it possible to have Endo on your kidneys??

Please ......thanks xxx

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I'm no expert but your bladder symptoms sounds like a urine/kidney infection. I would get a Doctors appointment ASAP.


No its not an infection as Ive had this pain concurrent with my endo, if only it were that simple ay xx


Hi, I have endo on my kidneys, bowel, womb, pelvis, both ovaries+tubes, the pouch of douglas and also in my left lung. It is possible for the endo to travel anywhere in the body as it travels through the blood stream. I hope this helps.


Thank you, I am seeing my gyne next monday so I shall mention this to him. Do you see a Urologist for your kidneys or still with the gyne?? xx


I'm still with gyne. I hope it all goes well for you. Let me know how you get on xx


yes will do, my appointment is next monday!! I praised this gyne up, best ive ever seen, but now im not o sure as i have a suspicion he may not have looked at my bladder ?? x


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