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Abdominal pain (post lap)

Hi guys.

Just a quick question/grumble. I recently posted about having my lap to remove endo from my pelvis and ovaries (in June). Over the past 2 weeks I have bled slightly - not a full period but enough to need to wear something everyday. Not been sleeping due to the severe abdominal pains, also struggling at work. Nausea and fatigue is returning also.

I am coming to the end of my phased return at work and I'm extremely anxious. I have had the coil for over 1 year now (that caused my bleeding to get much worse and exacerbate my pelvic pain). Endo specialist was hoping after this surgery it would have all settled and this constant bleeding and pain would not return. Taking recovery into account I can only say I felt relatively "normal" for 4 weeks at a push :(

Any advice and/or reassurance would really be great right now. Between this and other current health issues I'm just feeling a bit helpless. Surely there's more to life than this!


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I developed pelvic pain after my lap and coil insertion which I had not had previously. I persisted 5 months. Then I had the coil removed as I decided it just couldn't be post op pain that long after the event.

My pelvic pain stoped completely after about a week or ten days after the coil was removed and has not returned. It can also cause intermittant spotting in some women I believe, although for me it did work and stop periods entirely so I was sorry to have to remove it.


Thank you for your reply! I think I might just need to get it out! It's been a year and it's not getting any better period-wise! It's a shame because it works so well for some!

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Yes I was disappointed too, it's frustrating as on paper it's the best solution. It seems to work well about 50% of the time but it's a real Marmite thing. You've given it a really good go, you can just make an appointment to get your GP to take it out. It's a bit painful but over really quickly.

I've a prescription for cerezette to try but have been too cowardly to start it while recovering from major surgery as I'm worried about depression.


Yeah I think I will.

What is cerezette, if you don't mind me asking?


It's a progesterone only oral pill. I was offered that or provera which is the super strong version. I'm not sure my endo is hormone responsive though and I struggled with low mood so am hesitant at present to put myself through more hormone hell after lack of success with coil and zoladex.


Ah, I see. I was on Provera before I had GNRH injections for the fake menopause type thing. None of which have made much of a difference. I also had quite bad side effects with my mood as it's always been made worse by hormone therapy.

It's comforting to talk to someone who is similar in some ways, I really hope you find an option that will give you some relief. Xx


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