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Trouble weeing after Lap


Hi all. Has anyone else had problems weeing after having a Lap? I had mine Thursday morning and since then I can't do a full wee; it starts then stops for several seconds several times before my bladder feels empty. I thought this might have passed by now but it hasn't. Any advise anyone? Thanks, Sarah x

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Hi MrsRothers,

Had the exact same thing after my first lap. They did a kidney scan & CT because I was in hospital at the time to rule out blockages & infection. They just said it might be due to the pain & everything. I still get it occasionally now. If it hasn't stopped by tomorrow then see a doctor. Hope you get it sorted x

I had my lap on 6 th of june....had the same problem lyk you...unable to normally urinate post lap..the flow would stop in between and then again would start and this would happen 2-4 times before i felt totally done weeing.i started drinking lots of water as per my docs suggestion it took 6-7 days for the flow to get normal.wish u a gud recovery.regards

Thanks for your responses ladies. The aftercare I received was shocking and wasn't told about drinking plenty of water so long after having the procedure. I'll increase my intake and give orca few more days. Many thanks! : )

I had that after my lap - I told the nurse in the morning and she didn't seem very interested in it at all. Did settle down though. If you're worried I'd phone 111 and speak to a clinician x

Hi there

I suffer from this, but I was like it before my lap and still like it now. My trips to toilet when I need a wee are not a quick 30sec visit like most people, but stopping and starting as bladder still feels full, until I feel it empty enough. I drink lots of water (it the only thing I drink apart from the odd glass of pepsi) so I know I drinking enough.

My bladder had a bit of shock straight after the Lap as I felt full but couldn't wee and the hospital wouldn't let me go until I had a wee. Thankfully after an hour or so I managed one and was allowed home.

It may be your bladder is still in shock from after the op and still settling down. But like the others have said, if still not getting better then go see your gp just to check it out.

Hope everything else about your recovery is going well after your Lap.



I'm recovering from a lap i had two days ago and it's the same for me! Takes me ages!

I'm guessing the bladder is just bruised or swollen from the surgery :-) hope you have a speedy recovery x


Hiya, i had my first lap last Tuesday and it took me till yesterday to start weeing properly! i did end up having a cystoscopy too at the same time but had to have a catheter in overnight to help as i wasn't weeing at all initially, they took catheter out next morning. I hope you've settled down a bit now and are managing ok x

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