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Pain 3 weeks after lap??

Hi there. Looking for some info on post surgery. I had a lap and hysteroscopy nearly 3 weeks ago now to burn away endo and remove a uterine septum. As my partner and I have been trying for children they have told me the next step would be to have the coil fitted temporarily for three months and to go back on the contraceptive pill for three months also to stop my periods. I was in some extreme pain after the op. The pain subsides after a couple of days but still got some. However for the past couple of days particularly today I've had severe period type pain with spit bleeding and discharge. I have no idea what's happening and don't know if it's my body still responding to the surgery or what, is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi lovely, I am now almost two months post op and still in the same pain as before. I have had two laps before this one and nowhere near the pain I had in the following weeks after this one, I was a mess! I found out I have infection as my wound was oozing and it wasn't nice, I'd get the discharge etc checked out as you may have too. I am awaiting treatment though and have all my hopes pinned on the coil/injection helping the pain finally xx


Hey there, I'm sorry to hear you are in pain.

I had my lap to remove extensive endo on 7/4 I got re-admitted on Monday and only got back home yesterday, turns out I had internal bleeding and an infection set in.

Please get yourself checked out just to be on the safe side or even call the ward where you had your lap for advise xx



I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you know you had internal bleeding or something was up? I had my first lap nearly four weeks ago and my first period last week it's all away now. Now I have cramping and swollen tummy (never had like this before) and unbelievably tired


Thank you so much for your replies. It's really disheartening thinking your on the mend then pain comes along and bam! Positive mood gone lol. Will for sure get checked over again as last time they said everything was normal :( thanks again.


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