When does pain settle after lap for endo?

Hi all I had a laparoscopy 18dec had endo lasered and pelvic adhesions lasered.

I have been put on cerazette, been on it for the past couple of weeks.

I have just had a full blown heavy period and pains. The GP has told me the pill could take 4-6 months to work. How long does it take for pain to settle Down with periods as I was told they had removed all the endo? Am I being impatient?!??

Could it still be trauma of surgery ??


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  • Is this your first period since your lap?

  • It is Liz 😉

  • After my first lap I had endo removed from pelvic wall and was put back on microgynon. My first period was still quite heavy but pain wise I was fine. But that doesn't mean there is anything wrong for you. Everyone is different and it can take time to settle down. You also had adhesions removed and so depending where they were it might take longer for things to settle down. Also cerazette does take time to settle down. But I would keep an eye on your pain. Give it a few months. Cerazette doesn't work for everyone and can have some bad side effects.

  • Yes my doc said it doesn't suit everyone. I'll have to see if it settles. Thanks for reply

  • Cerazette didn't agree with me, I bled constantly with it and didn't feel good at all. I've felt loads better since coming off it. I know it works well for lots of people but didn't for me X

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