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3 weeks after excision lap and still feel tired!

Hi all

It's just over 3 weeks since I had my surgery. It was complicated (involving bladder and bowel) and long (5 1/2 hrs)

My recovery has been OK after getting over a nasty kidney infection. I have occasional pain but nothing too bad. Pretty much stopped pain relief. I am walking about and getting on with things (couple of weeks before I return to work though) but I am struggling with feelings of tiredness, like all the energy has been sucked out of me. My mood is also all over the place. Chirpy one day and flat the next.

Is this normal? Any tips on how to get back to myself?

Thanks 😀

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Yes, completely normal. That's a long time on the operating table, so must have been quite significant surgery, so recovery will take longer than 3 1/2 weeks. I had a total hysterectomy and endo excision, and my recovery time is about 8-12 weeks, currently in week 4.

Keep well hydrated, and try to move around as much as you can. I feel more "normal" if i put on my make up and do my hair, as least when i look in the mirror I look more like me.

Take it slowly and don't expect too much of yourself too soon. You may find some days you feel great and others feel like you have taken 2 steps back, this is normal too.

Good luck with your recovery x


Thanks. My mum gave me a good talking to. I think the problem is, as I only have small scars, I feel like my surgery was minor. Which it wasn't.

Hope your recovery continues to go well 👍 X


My op was on July 27th and it wasn't as extensive as yours and I still feel exhausted. I spoke to a nurse last week and she gave me a telling off for doing too much. She said as a reference 3 weeks post op you shouldn't be hoovering. Not sure if that helps?


Yes, that's the date I had surgery (my Birthday 😆)

Ah, have been hoovering and cleaning for over a week now. I have cats and can't cope with the fur. Perhaps I should give it a bit of a rest. Just so keen to return to 'normal' and am stubborn so hate to rely on others 😐 Probably no wonder I feel rough eh?

Hope your recovery goes well. This really is a crappy illness x


Hey there X That's pretty big surgery, with a big post op complication on top to deal with, so your body is busy putting it's energy into healing.

I also had major surgery on bowel, bladder and vagina and was told I'd need a minimum of 6 weeks off. I was very ill with viral meningitis and readmitted to hospital 4 days after surgery for a week.

I'm now 5 weeks to the day and still suffering fatigue and pain and resting 3 or 4 hours every afternoon in bed. I will likely need at least an extra fortnight plus a phased return I reckon. The recovery booklet I was given says upto 3 months could be needed. It just varies a lot by individual.

I found this guide to the body's internal healing process very helpful. centerforendo.com/is-my-end...


Hi, sounds like you have had a rough time indeed.

Thanks for the guide. It's useful. It is really difficult not to compare yourself to others 😐, in my case usually unfavourably.

Hope the rest of your recovery goes well x


Welcome. Youre doing great. Just pace yourself and build up more gradually. Xxx


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