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After 3rd lap in 3 years the pain is back::-(

Hi I'm new onto this forum but feel compelled to post as feel let down by surgery. Three years ago I had an endometrial ablation for heavy periods. At the same time a lap was performed as I had stomach pain. A cyst was found on my left ovary and removed and endometriosis was found and diathermied. I was also sterilised at the same time.

The following year I had pain again on my left side and was found to have another cyst on my left ovary. This was removed along with some more endo.

Finally last year after more pain I was found to have yet another cyst on the same ovary. At this point I'd had enough and asked them before I had more surgery to remove the left ovary. This was done last September along with the removal of more endo and I think finally after I recovered from surgery I had about three pain free months.

Anyway if you've followed me so far and seen the title, I'm now back in fairly constant pain on the left side again:( I feel so frustrated because it feels to me as if my past surgeries excepting the first one have been rather a waste of time.

I don't know what to do now other than swallow painkillers. I'm due to see the doctor in two weeks time. What are my options?

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i think you was very brave to opt for your ovary to be taken...mine was destroyed and fellopian tube by a dermoid cyst with thyroids...it was alot to get my head round...but i notice you have been steralised...i dont think your surgerys were a waste of a time...i was always told that endo grows at its own rate...so they may have removed it and its grown bak....at the mo im trying to find the best way of dealing with endo...but so far just tablets and more...its not nice ..im in the middle of a flare up due to endo...caused by accupuncture..so i need a new plan...sorry if i werent helpful...sometimes hearing you arent going crazy helps....xxxx



I'm waiting for ablation of my womb to be done at my next surgery on 21 may. I had a lap done to diagnose endo last sept, I also had endo removed at that time by laser.

I was then put on 6 mths Zoladex (which seems standard practice) so had my last injection on 30 jan, and my period has not returned yet.

Has the ablation helped you? I found the Zoladex very effective with helping with endo pain/symptoms but the side affects of Zoladex are not to be taken lightly!

I wonder if your returning pain is due to adhesions and scarring from your previous surgery?

I'm sorry if I'm not offering much help, however I always find comfort from this online community as you know you're not alone. Hope you get some answers from your next appointment.


hi purple - i had the same procedures almost as you, two weeks ago - i had my mirena removed (long story but just didnt get on with it) so they did the ablation, they sterilised me and was also diagnostic/treat lap. all the procedures went to plan, but they did not treat any endo, as i woke up surgeon just said i will need a hysterectomy inc ovaries, and that there was too much endo to treat. i have no clue what he meant, that it was too much for him and he wasn't experienced enough or what. i have a consultant appointment next week to discuss next stage of treatment, but it sounds like i'm going to be persuaded to have a hyster, which is fine but i would like to think they will remove the endo whilst they are doing the hyster or i may still have the problems.

but i just wondered how the ablation has worked for you, my mirena did help with heavy periods but didnt help with the pain and i suffered side effects with it which is why i wanted it taken out, obviously if i have a hyster then the ablation not working wont matter but just out of interest i wondered how it was for you, as i would prefer to not have the hyster quite yet xx


Edsmom and Worth71 The ablation has worked very well for me, I would definitely

recommend it. Before I had it done my periods were really heavy with flooding and clots and I had started to really worry about going out. I also had one period that just kept going for over two weeks! I went to the doctor and was given norethisterone which stopped it. I still get periods but about every two months and when it happens it's much lighter.

Worth71 I also had a mirena before the ablation but had to have it out after six months due to the side effects.

missee It's hard losing an ovary. A part of me felt quite sad especially afterwards. I'm lucky really in that I'd had my family and my endo started much later but it's much harder if the endo starts earlier and there is no option to keep an ovary. Sorry to hear about your cyst and that your endo is coming back :(

Edsmom I haven't been offered Zoladex so I don't know if that may be mentioned when I see the doctor. I'm fairly sure that I have now got adhesions from the repeated surgeries. After my last lap, when I looked at my notes it stated that ' fine peri-ovarian adhesions had been divided' and there was 'Superficial endo on left uterosacral ligament'.

It's all a minefield isn't it? and it does seem to depend where you are, which consultant you see etc. Although the gynae who did my last two laps is supposed to be a specialist in endometriosis.

It's looking like I may end up having a hysterectomy at some point but I'd rather not have more surgery this year if I can avoid it. So fed up with surgery! I was really wiped out after my last aswell. My blood pressure was too low due to the GA and morphine, I felt sick and dizzy and fainted as my poor husband tried to take me home so had to stay in hospital overnight.

If I'm to have to go through more surgery I'd really like the endo gone for good next time.

From what I've read unless the endo is removed properly, it comes back after a hysterectomy too.

Thanks so much for all your comments, they do make me feel less alone in this:)


hi, im georgia. im new to this,

i am 23 yrs old ,

i had endometriosis when i was 18yrs old and i had it again when i was 22 yrs old ,

i have had lots of complications. and lots of medication.

i recently had a scan and my gyni has comfirmed that i have it again , im in pain daily, swelling, sickness, and just drained and no energy.

my 1st operation they stitched me.

my 2nd operation they glued me .

i have 4 scars on my stomach and 2 in my belly button.

im body aware anyway but i dont want other scars but i know it what needs to happen .

my pain is increasing everyday and it wont be long till i constantly go to hospital for my pain like in the past ..


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