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Mirena coil - doesn't seem to be working?

I had my 1st operative lap 3 wks ago and my gynae also fitted a Mirena. During my lap, they removed some endo but I'm stage 4 with lots of adhesions to bowel, rectum, pouch of Douglas, Fallopian tubes and ovaries which has been left as they want further investigations before proceeding. So, after having the coil fitted I expected less pain and much lighter bleeding. I started bleeding 8 days ago and the bleeding is getting heavier and I'm experiencing all my usual endo pain. Could the coil not be working properly? I'm going on holiday next week and concerned that something is going to go wrong when I'm away. Any advice?

Thx xx

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Read the leaflet on the mirena coil that came with it. Mirena takes about 5 MONTHS to stop periods working not 5 days. Each period you have the coil builds up a coating of goop on it, which eventually holds it in place in the uterus and stops it falling out and kids your womb into thinking there is a baby growing in there and stops the monthly shedding of lining (ie your period) but this build up of goopy coating does not happen instantly, it takes time with each new period it gets a thicker coat. Some ladies notice lighter periods after 2-3 months, then at some point soon after the periods turn to spotting then hopefully stop alltogether, but just as with a pregnancy some ladies have spotting throughout a pregnancy and some ladies with mirena also have occasional spotting too througout, but certainly not having the full blown period bleeds for days on end that they did have before. It's a long acting implant, it should give you relief from heavy periods for up to 5 years, but the phrase 'up to' is anywhere from 2 years to 5 years or may be more.

If you are going on holiday and want to be free of bleeding, then speak with your GP about getting tranexamic acid to clot the current bleed if it is still bleeding, then switch to norethisterone taken every day to stop period returning while you are on holiday.

The mirena should be working for you by September/October. Meanwhile it is working in the sense that it is building up this goopy coating which will stop your bleeds eventually.


totally agree with impatient, the mirena takes months before it works properly, not weeks, so give it time. i will say my first two months i was in more pain than i was previous to it going in, in fact those first two months were pretty bad, and the bleeding didnt improve that soon either, i kept mine in for about 20 months so i gave it plenty of time, it reduced the heavy bleeding massively, but i still bled lightly everyday which i didnt mind to be honest, it didnt help my endo pain (although i was undiagnosed at the time) towards the end of the mirena being in my bleeding started to increase, i had my lap two months ago and was diagnosed with endo in all the same places as you, i also had mirena removed (i had some hair thinning which was my main reason for having it removed) and was sterilised and had microwave ablation. i am currently on waiting list for full hysterectomy and removal of endo as they couldn't remove any at lap. but like i say please give the mirena a chance, for some women it does work miracles, take care of yourself and hope you start to feel better real soon xx

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Hi Drakesie.

I had my mirena fitted in April and have very similar endo to you. The first 6 weeks were pure hell if I'm honest. I wanted to cry all the time, bled heavily for 3 weeks and had the worst stomach cramps I've ever experienced. But, now it's all started to calm down, yes my period has started but its much lighter and there is barely any pain and no moods! Just give it a little time to settle down. It does get better x


Give it a few months to settle. In the meantime you can buy

Femstrual over the counter which is tranexamic acid.

It will make the bleeding lighter while on holiday.

It's great stuff, I used it when I went away for a wedding

And was waiting for my mirena to settle. Got it fitted in feb

And it's pretty much settled now. It's the second one I've had

And I would have one again. It never completely stops

My periods though, just makes them lighter and more regular.


Thanks for all of the advice. I'm still bleeding and experiencing pain but I guess I have to be patient and hopefully the coil will work in time.



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