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Hi everyone,

I had a lap on 14 march and a mirena coil fitted. I bled a bit after op then had a week feeling great but since then I keep bleeding and having pelvic pain all the time. The bleeding gets heavier if i'm lifting or doing anything strenuos. feeling really p***ed off! Am i one of those for whom the mirena does not suit? I've heard you have to 'give it 6 months' but is it really acceptable to be in pain and bleeding constantly for that time? I'd love to hear from others what their experience has been.

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I had a very similar experience with mirena, in the end my gp had to remove it because of very heavy bleeding (so bad they thought I was having a miscarriage), so I would advise you to go see your doctor and ask for their opinion. It's sometimes just not the right thing for some people...good luck with whatever you decide to do xx

hi i had miren coil for 8 months and it was hell .the bleeding was horrendous and the pain was worse i had it changed during an op in november last year and the new one was no better -2 mths later it had to be removed but the i got massive cysts in ovarys and ended up having to have another op a few weeks ago .they do try n make u keep it for 6-9 mths to see if it will settle .they told me it would stop everything ie the bleeding the pain and all symptome of endo but i had it fitted last may n by november was back in theatre for more surgery so i sure as hell did nothing to stop the endo .x

i've had the mirena in for almost 10 months - the first 2 months were horrendous, in constant pain and forever bleeding, then it seemed to calm down a bit and i wasn't bleeding so much but i still had all the pain - the last 4 months it seems to be going backwards and i'm bleeding more than ever and in constant pain and have been considering having it taken out but i'm a little scared as i wonder is it maybe helping and what state will i be in if i take it out - the hospital keep saying give it time and i have heard it can take over a year to sort itself - so many people say to me 'get the mirena, it sorted me out lovely' and i think why couldn't it help me. the hospital think they can sort most problems out with the mirena, they don't seem to realise that it's not for everyone, especially if you have more underlying problems. x

I've had my coil since February and had heavy bleeding for the first 6 weeks after having it fitted.I'm still bleeding all over the place and hope it settles down soon. I was reminded by the Dr. the other day that it can take 6mths but it's little comfort at the moment.

I had mine fitted four years ago to deal mainly with really, REALLY heavy bleeding. It took a good two months, but it worked. I went from flooding almost every day to a couple of pink spots a month.

It is different for everybody, and you do need to give it time to settle - on the other hand, a trip to the doctor couldn't hurt to make sure it's still where it's supposed to be. A friend of mine had hers fall out without her even realising it had gone! Another friend was in excrutiating pain all the time and on investigation, her doctor discovered that her womb was trying to expel the Mirena and her pain was 'contractions'.

I had a mirena fitted at the same time as my lap in Jan 2011. I had the expected pain, cramps and bleeding for first couple of months (which was nothing in comparison to what i had before) Now, it is def doing the job for me. My pain has reduced significantly and I never have anymore than spotting occasionally. You have to give eveything a fair chance as at the end of the day, this is a strange item that has been inserted into your body. Best to get it checked out like someone else said to ensure that it is where it is meant to be and then is just a case of trying really hard to give it a chance. It seems to depend on the individual as to whether this suits you though and you have to weigh up the downsides now to the possible upsides and benefits once it settles. For me it was def worth a month or so of discomfort as my life has changed a lot since the endo has stopped interfering with it. good luck x

i been on it for at least nearly 9 months and i was constantly in pain round my pelvic area and bleeding all the time so i decided to get it out of me and i never felt so much better after that but how long were you on it for so far? and yes try for 6 months and if nothing better then take it out ok it probably wont suit you but good luck xx

Thanks for your replies. I've had it in about 6 weeks and the pain is getting worse. Tonight I feel like i did after the laparoscopy! Going to bed with painkillers and a hot water bottle when the kids are in bed. there doesn't seem to be a lot of good expereince with the mirena.

I had the mirena fitted just over a year ago. I was very sceptical when it was first suggested and although I had it mainly for pain rather than really heavy bleeding, i have found a year on the the bleeding has really reduced and although I am still in pain, I get more days where milder painkillers will do. It did take a good 6 months for things to calm down for me though. Good luck x

Synnova, if the pain is getting worse, go to your GP. Sometimes it takes time to settle which involves things getting worse before they get better, but I'd want to be sure that it's in the right place; they don't always get it right first time and it might just need adjusting a bit

You don't hear much about the good experiences because people by nature talk more readily about bad experiences. It was one of the best things I ever did :)

I hope you get it sorted soon xxx

i just wanted to add i have heard of many people who have had good expriences of the mirena, but its been women who have not had for bad symptoms, just heavy periods whereas when the mirena has been used for extreme symptoms like most of us on here it seems the feedback is not so good - i've been telling my gp and gynae docs for over a year how long i've had my symptoms, and that i can feel something on the left side of my pelvis that gives me tugging, or stabbing pains, back ache etc on top of all the period stuff, they told me it would be sorted out with the mirena, now they have found a large chocolate cyst which they said the mirena wont sort that out - i get so confused with all this jargon.

i hope your coil settles though xx

I had a mirena coil fitted for my heavy and irregular periods,caused by my Endo. The first year it was in I threatened to have it taken out everyday as I thought it wasnt working,eventually it settled and I had 3 not too bad years with it. The last year it was in as each month passed the bleeding got heavier and the pain more severe,but I think it was coming to the end of its life (5 years). I got it removed to try for a baby,that was 6 years ago. Gynae have since tried to talk me into getting another one put in,not a hope,I really hated it,I could feel it all the time like when I sat down I used to get stabbing pains shooting right through me and I was also really bloated with it,I also had really bad mood swings as it releases hormones into your system. This was my own experience with the Mirena,my friend had one in aswell,actually she recommended it to me and she loved it,but she didnt have Endo. I think having Endo always caused me to feel tender inside and it felt as though my body was treating it as an invader like it shouldnt have been there! But like I said this is my own experience of the Mirena,I think its like everything somethings work for some people and dont work for others. I think you should speak to your G.P or Gynae Doctor and maybe get its position checked again. I am really sorry to hear you have suffered so much,I really hope you get sorted.xx

hi i had a laproscopy 2 weeks ago to treat my endo i also had a d and c and the mirena fitted i really didnt want the coil but felt pressured into having it i have had spotting since it was fitted but have been experiencing constant headaches pain in my left side and have started bleeding today with clots but the pain is agonising i want the thing out maybe it just doesnt suit people who have endo i know i should give it time i will give it til my 6 week check see how it goes i hope you get it sorted x


I haven't been on health unlocked for a while. How are you getting on? Hope you are feeling a little better.

I am finding that the bleeding has settled down now, 9 months on. i just get occasional spotting. I'm still getting occassional left pelvic pain that is related to the mirena but am now getting bowel symptoms again ie can't go to the loo and feel really bloated. Have got my GP to refer to another gynae. this time going to UCLH endo centre.

I had mine just over 2 and a half weeks ago, been bleeding since then with pain. Hoping it settles down soon! Don't know if I can put up with this for over 6 months!

hi there i have the same problom i have had it in 4 about 2months and a wont it out i aam sick off bleeding all the time as well .

If you are bleeding with the new mirena while it is still building up layers of goop on it, then speak to your doc for Tranexamic Acid tablets which are blood clotters, or norethisterone or some other tablets to tide you over till the mirena is fat enough to stop your periods.

At 2 months you are probably about half way to having your periods stopped, so given that they cost £500 each, and that you could find that in just a few weeks you don't have periods for up to 5 years I would say it was worth giving it your best shot till it gets to work.

It's up to you. It does take time to settle, but it can make such a huge difference to your quality of life and to endo, if you can put up with the niggles till it works. It sure is a lot easier to cope with than having proper periods and pain or GnRH drugs etc.

I have stage 4 endo and suffered for nearly 30 years with it...the mirena has transformed my day to day life. Can't recommend it highly enough, but it must be given the chance to get working and settle.

I had the same problem I had the coil fitted on 14th Feb and has been bleeding since it get heavier if I do any lifting or anything it making me feel so down and very tired. I've keep going back to doctors but they won't do anything so I'm booked in at the family planning clinic to get it taken out so I feel normal again. As doctors want me to wait for 6 months witch it far to long

Hi all I had mine fitted around 30th April, I had heavy bleeding when I first had it fitted until 13th may then nothing no pains no nothing I thought it had worked until 6th June my Endo pains come back went to my gp on 25th June (started my period again) who has refered me back to my gyne to arrange a lap so I would say go back to your gp!

Hi Hun I had a merina coil fitted whilst under laparoscopy in may I had a review 6 weeks after the op and I was in excruciating pain with the coil I requested to have it out but they refused and told me to give it 3 months for it to settle down. I was suffering numb thighs, and constant pain in my stomach that I couldn't cope with work wise I made an appointment with my GP and had it taken out at the end of august and it was honestly the best thing that happened to me. I hope this helps Hun

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