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I had the mirena fitted 3 years ago when diagnosed with endo through laperoscopy. I have had various other treatments but now i am now bleeding heavily again with the coil even though this has only started 2 months ago previous to that i never bled. I was put on norimthisteone whilst i am waiting to go back to see my gynae but my pain has become severe again and the norminthisterone is no longer working and my gp seems not to be listening to me. Has anyone else had this problem or is there any advice someone can give me?

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Hi sorry to hear that I've had my coil 3 years and havnt bled but I am starting to get pain again, I'm wondering wether it doesn't last the 5 years with endo maybe?


Yes this is what I'm thinking the go or nurse doesn't seem to be listening so I can't wait to go back to the gynae. I also keep getting infection after infection I'm wondering weather this is down to the coil too.


Yes I agree, they don't listen it's so annoying!


I am on my second mirena now, I think 3 years it the optimum time for the hormone in the coil, you need it replaced, demand to be referred back to your specialist. Good luck x


They can run out sooner than 5 years BUT good news they can also just have a blip where you have a period or a few consecutive ones then it rebuilds up a new goop layer and gets back to work again like it did before.

About this time last year i had 2 periods (proper ones) thought that was it -the mirena had died on me early - and was in the process of getting an surgical appointment to get it replaced (mine is surgically inserted in to a bicornuate uterus and can only be removed and replaced with surgery too - so I was not best pleased or looking forward to the change over) anyhow as I said it was a blip, and the beastie kicked in to working again. Happy Days.

Infact i have hardly had a spotting in phase two since those periods. Which is a better result than what i call phase 1.

Don't be too hasty to have it swapped just yet. I'd give it a month or two more to see if it recovers building up a goop layer enough to stop the lining of the womb shedding as a period. Better that, than go through the removal and reinsertion unnecessarily.

Best of Luck either way.


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