New Sensor and Update: DEXCOM (Nuevo sensor y actualización: DEXCOM)

Wow! What a weird week I've had with the latest sensor that I just took out this morning. I had very odd and inaccurate readings on the DEXCOM and had to try and recalibrate. This was because of the sensor having its issues.

¡Wow! Qué semana tan extraña que he tenido con el último sensor que sólo saqué esta mañana. Tenía lecturas muy raras e inexactas en el DEXCOM y tuve que intentar y calibrar de nuevo. Esto era debido al sensor que tiene sus cuestiones.

Speaking of having issues with the sensor that just got taken out, an odd thing happened that never happened before a few times last night and again this morning. There was an icon of one hour glass and a blood drop at the same time on the upper part of the receiver's screen. In theory, I read the User's Guide and it said that the icons would make the receiver buzz until someone pushed the OKAY button. The alarm for this never happened and I never had any readings since last night after lunch here and there.

Hablando de tener cuestiones con el sensor que sólo se sacó, una cosa rara pasó lo que nunca pasó antes unas veces anoche y otra vez esta mañana. Había un icono de un cristal de la hora y una gota de la sangre al mismo tiempo en la parte superior de la pantalla del receptor. En la teoría, leí la Guía del usuario y dijo que los iconos harían el receptor telefonear hasta que alguien empujara el botón OKAY. La alarma para esto nunca pasó y nunca tenía lecturas desde la noche pasada después del almuerzo aquí y allí.

On Thursday early morning, I got woken up because the DEXCOM thought I was under 80 mg/dL. This was totally inaccurate! My actual number when doing a test on my Breeze2 monitor, it turns out that I was upper 100's to 200's. Very off and in need of calibration. Same thing happened at the Senior Center yesterday, as well. The DEXCOM thought I was over 400 mg/dL when I did a blood test using the Breeze2 monitor and found out I was 268 mg/dL. Again, very off and needed to be calibrated. Before bed last night, the 55 and below alarm went off. This was NOT ACCURATE. My test was lower, but not under 100! I wasn't able to calibrate and fix this one since the blood drop and hour glass were there at the same time. I wasn't going to stay up all night waiting to see if the calibration would take (the manual says that if it doesn't work the first time, wait 15 minutes and then retest until it is excepted, if necessary).

El jueves temprano en la mañana, me desperté porque el DEXCOM creía que estaba bajo 80 mg/dL. ¡Esto era totalmente inexacto! Mi número actual al hacer una prueba sobre mi monitor de Breeze2, resulta que era superior 100's a 200's. Muy lejos y en necesidad de calibración. Misma cosa pasó en el Centro Mayor ayer, también. El DEXCOM creía que era más de 400 mg/dL cuando hice un análisis de sangre usando el monitor de Breeze2 y averigüé que era 268 mg/dL. Otra vez, muy lejos y se tenía que calibrar. Antes de la cama anoche, los 55 y debajo de la alarma se marcharon. Esto no era EXACTO. ¡Mi prueba era más baja, pero no bajo 100! No era capaz de calibrar y fijar éste ya que la gota de la sangre y el cristal de la hora estaban allí al mismo tiempo. No iba a quedarme toda la noche esperando a ver si la calibración tomaría (el manual dice que si no trabaja la primera vez, esperar 15 minutos y luego prueban de nuevo hasta que se excluya, si es necesario).

I called DEXCOM this morning and had asked for another free sensor to be shipped to me. It should be here in the next few days. We'll see how this newest sensor does that just got put in this morning. Hopefully, nothing odd will happen before next Saturday!

Llamé DEXCOM esta mañana y había pedido otro sensor libre para transportarme a mí. Debería estar aquí en los próximos días. Veremos cómo este sensor más nuevo hace esto sólo se puso esta mañana. Esperamos que ¡nada raro pasará antes del próximo sábado!

Well, this is all for right now. More work to do for next Tuesday's lecture coming up at the Senior Center on the DEXCOM and Diabetes. Hope everything goes well.

Bien, esto es todo para ahora mismo. Más trabajo para hacer para la conferencia del próximo martes que sube en el Centro Mayor en el DEXCOM y Diabetes. Esperanza todo va bien.

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  • Wow! Your are having issues with your Dexcom.

    I've started on insulin now and I was surprised that on one morning my blood sugar was 5 mmol and I was starting to hypo a little. I've seen my diabetes nurse and she wants me to up my insulin by 2 units to that all my blood readings are under 10. I'm going to up the dose tonight and see what happens. Wish me luck!

    TT x

  • Be careful! Always test before you do any dose of insulin. Sometimes, going up on your dose can be not okay for that day/evening.

  • Thank you for your advice.

    My diabetes nurse wants me to get my blood sugars into single figures and thinks putting my night time insulin up by 2 units could do the trick. I'm finding that my morning bloods are down into single figures but then my bloods start to increase as the day progresses. She's hoping that if I can get the morning bloods at 7 to 8 then the bloods for the rest of the day might stay into single figures too. I explained that I was doing low carb and checking my meals and that potatoes and rice were raising my bloods. I explained that I was surprised a little because I don't eat refined carbs or bread and yet my bloods went up when I'd eaten the unrefined carbs. She said I didn't need to be so strict on myself as I'm Type 2 but, I explained that I want to get my bloods down but I didn't know how to carb count. She explained that it's only available for Type 1 diabetics and they have to go on courses to learn how to do so. I agreed to up my insulin by 2 units and see what happens, and that I'd see her in 3 weeks.

    I also asked her if I could split my insulin into 2 doses, 5 units in the morning and 5 units at bedtime but she disagreed because I'm on Metformin SR at 1500mcg with my evening meal.

    Watch this space!

    TT x

  • Yes, type 2 is a little different than type 1, but it also depends on the person.

  • I don't think I'm Type 2 because Type 1 runs in my family and I'm only diabetic because I had thyroid cancer that went undiagnosed for years. The diabetes presented symptoms before I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer even though I had thyroid/endocrine problems following the birth of daughter in 1992. I had investigations and was told that my hormones were out of balance but not bad enough to treat.

    I'm also concerned for my 3 year old grandson who has presented with hypoglycemia on a couple of occassions recently. He's small for his age and is a fussy eater but a couple of months ago he started convulcing and when he was admitted to hospital his blood sugar was 3 mmol... he was seriously hypo but his parents were told to not worry as his bloods would improve once he ate something. I warned my son that my grandson was showing the signs of T1 diabetes and that they need to have some Lucozade or a sugary snack in case it happens again, and that they have to monitor him carefully.

    TT x

  • Exactly what I think!😀 Tell your son to think about getting your grandson tested and see if he is diabetic OR a chance he might also be able to have epilepsy. Just something to think about....

  • I have done so but they were led to believe by the A&E doctor that there wasn't anything to worry about. If it happens again I will be insisting that something is done about it.

  • Okay. Be persistent!

  • Thank you, I'll do my best.

  • Believe me, you can do it!

  • Thank you. It helps when there is some else on my side.

  • Always will be here!😀

  • Thank you, you're a God sent.

  • You're welcome!

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