New Sensor Friday Afternoon: DEXCOM (Nuevo sensor el viernes por la tarde: DEXCOM)

New Sensor Friday Afternoon:  DEXCOM (Nuevo sensor el viernes por la tarde: DEXCOM)

Hello and good afternoon everyone. I know today isn't Saturday, but I felt that it was time to do a posting about the DEXCOM since the sensor that was insterted during Saturday morning stopped working while I was at my job this afternoon. I had waited for the 3 hour time period before calling DEXCOM for a new, free replacement sensor and they have agreed to send one 3-5 business days. That means, the new sensor should get here between Wednesday or Friday next week.

Hola y buenas tardes cada uno. Sé hoy no es el sábado, pero sentí que era tiempo de hacer una fijación sobre el DEXCOM ya que el sensor que era insterted durante la mañana del sábado dejó de trabajar mientras estaba en mi trabajo esta tarde. Había esperado el período de tiempo de 3 horas antes de llamar DEXCOM para un sensor de reemplazo nuevo, libre y han consentido en enviar 3-5 jornadas laborales. Esto significa, el nuevo sensor se debería poner aquí entre el miércoles o el viernes la próxima semana.

Before the old sensor had stopped working, it had been having some glitches, but they weren't as bad as the one that happened this afternoon. I have attached a picture of the new sensor being in warm up mode. It's still not time to calibrate, but it should be any minute before dinner, hopefully. Will see what happens soon.

Antes de que el viejo sensor hubiera dejado de trabajar, había estado teniendo algunos problemas técnicos, pero no eran tan malos como el que que pasó esta tarde. He atado un cuadro del nuevo sensor que está en calientan el modo. No es todavía el tiempo para calibrar, pero debería ser cualquier minuto antes de la comida, con esperanza. Verá lo que pasa pronto.


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9 Replies

  • Hiya,

    Any more news on the sensor?

    TT x

  • I got woken up at 4:15 am today since the alarm went off when I was below 80! Had to have a bottle of Gatorade and a greek yogurt for a very early morning snack. Went back to bed until 6:30 and had breakfast and my test with shot. The number went up to 219 after eating early.

  • Gosh! is this normal to have so many highs and lows?

  • It depends on the person and their body chemistry. Sometimes, I can go high even when there's no good reason and the same for when going lower than normal. I call this method the waking and sleeping pancreas.

  • I'm have odd reading too. I started on night time insulin and started getting very low blood sugars and even some hypos. Then I've started getting high night time blood sugar readings that are similar to when I first started on insulin. I've upped my insulin to 20 units on the advice of my diabetes nurse and I'm still getting some high morning readings and some low morning readings. It's confusing because I haven't really changed my eating patterns. Any thoughts on this are very much welcome.

    I'm signing off now because it's late 10.40 pm and I need some shut eye.

    Night, night and God bless.

    TT x

  • What do you usually have for bedtime snacks? What is the range your doctor/diabetes nurse wants you to be running at night/morning? What's the dose for insulin at both times (morning/bed) (Is the 20 total for the entire day?)? This may have something to do with it. If the dose is very high, you may have lower numbers during the day or at night depending on if you have more than one type of insulin to take.

    For me, if my numbers are under 200, I have a 30 gram protein bar before bed and a Greek yogurt on the side. Anything above 200 mg/dl-- just a 30 gram protein bar and my insulin dose (10 units).

    Have you been writing down everything you eat and totaling the carbs for each meal and snack?

  • Hi,

    Sorry for not replying before now, I've been very busy with family.

    I take night time insulin and slow release Metformin with my evening meal, but I don't carb count. I try to follow a low carb diet but I do seem to be slipping lately. My diabetes nurse wants my morning bloods to be between 7 and 8 so I need to adjust my night time insulin to try and meet this goal. I think the problem is that when I measure my blood sugar at night I take my insulin but then get hungry and will get a snack to help me go to sleep. It will normally be some cheese or nuts that are low carb so I wouldn't expect my bloods to go high whilst I'm sleeping. I probably need to be more strict but I'm finding it hard because I'm so ill all the time. Have you any thoughts?

    Thanks for your support.

    TT x

    P.S. Does taking insulin make you put on weight? I've put on over a stone since starting on insulin last November.

  • I will send you a PM in a little while. Please look for it.

  • I just sent the PM right now. Please let me know when you get it.

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