A Great Week: DEXCOM (Una gran semana: DEXCOM)

Wow! What a great week I had with the last sensor I had used before Thursday this week. The one I had before this new one worked every day for the 7 days it was in. There were some bumps here and there, but it never needed to be removed sooner than it was going to be changed. I'm so happy about this.

¡Wow! Qué buena semana que tenía con el último sensor que había usado antes del jueves esta semana. El que que tenía antes de este nuevo trabajó cada día durante los 7 días en los cuales estaba. Había algunos golpes aquí y allí, pero nunca se tenía que quitar más pronto que iba a cambiarse. Estoy tan contento con esto.

When I was at the Senior Center on Thursday, I had to calibrate twice to get the system up and running. So far, so good. Everything is working very nicely at the moment while I'm sitting here in front of the computer. Can't complain!

Cuando estaba en el Centro Mayor el jueves, tuve que calibrar dos veces para despertar el sistema y marcha. Hasta ahora, bien. Todo trabaja muy amablemente en este momento mientras me siento aquí delante del ordenador. ¡No se puede quejar!

The walking seems to be helping a little here and there. The DEXCOM also has the number on the receiver be as close to what the Breeze2 monitor says I am almost every time, so that's nice. More walking to do hopefully later!

Parece que el andar ayuda a un poco aquí y allí. El DEXCOM también tiene el número en el receptor ser como cerca de lo que el monitor de Breeze2 dice que soy casi cada vez, por tanto esto es agradable. ¡Más andar para hacer con esperanza más tarde!

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  • Great news to hear, Activity!

  • Thank you!

  • Activity2004

    Do your mobile signals disturb the Dexcom ? Mobile or other electromagnetic instruments ?

  • You can't get CT scans/MRIs while wearing the sensor.

  • Ok

  • Same with having surgeries. The machines/equipment might have issues in the hospital. Haven't tried this, yet, though because I didn't have the DEXCOM when I had a surgery being done. I've had the system for a year and a few months, now.

  • Activity2004

    May god keep you away from operation theatre. I think any electromagnetic field would be disturbing the functioning of Dexcom. During flights too.

  • That's a possibility. Haven't been on a plane with it, yet.

  • Activity2004


  • Thank you, suramo!

  • That's brilliant!

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