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Week 41: DEXCOM (Semana 41: DEXCOM)

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Well, it's week 41 and so far, the sensor that I'm using since Tuesday afternoon is working great.  I will replace it on Tuesday, April 5th during the afternoon after work if it keeps going the way it is.  If it stops working all of a sudden, which it shouldn't, then I plan to insert the new one either later today or sometime on Monday (depending where I happen to be).

Bien, es la semana 41 y hasta ahora, el sensor que uso ya que la tarde del martes trabaja grande. Lo sustituiré el martes, 5 de abril durante la tarde después del trabajo si sigue yendo el modo que es. Si deja de trabajar de repente, que no debería, entonces planeo insertar el nuevo más tarde hoy o algún día el lunes (dependiendo donde resulto ser).

For dinner last night, I did 18 units of insulin since my parents and I had ordered Chinese food for carry out.  I guess, this time, it took the DEXCOM to realize that I had eaten less rice than the other time.  Not sure what took it to notice and warn me that I was going into the 400 range, but it told me before heading to bed.

Para la comida anoche, hice 18 unidades de la insulina ya que mis padres y yo habíamos ordenado que la comida china para realice. Adivino, esta vez, tomó el DEXCOM para realizar que había comido menos arroz que el otro tiempo. No seguro lo que lo tomó para notarme y advertirme que entraba en la 400 variedad, pero me dijo antes de dirigirse acostarme.

For this morning's breakfast, I had my regular breakfast bar and the number on the DEXCOM right now says 274 with the arrow going sideways.  This is after doing my shot with 5 units after eating around 7 am.

Para el desayuno de esta mañana, tenía mi bar de desayuno regular y el número en el DEXCOM ahora mismo dice 274 con la flecha que va de lado. Esto hace después mi tiro con 5 unidades después de comer a eso de las 7:00.

More later!  Keep on reading and I'll check back in soon.

¡Más más tarde! Siga leyendo y revisaré de nuevo en pronto.

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Eighteen units sounds so high to me even to cover Chinese take out. I know I shot more for that meal than others. Although my insulin sensitivity most likely will kick in if I add more units. Last night we had a grass fed steak and I made pasta with Alfredo sauce to get my carb's( I need to add that weight). Did weight yesterday and have gained 10lbs since my hospital stay for January. I was only 88 before bed last night tried a snack of an tanagrine and banana plus a small sip of OJ to bring my numbers up for sleeping. Normally I have cereal and I end up crashing on it in the middle of the night my Dexcom goes off below 80. If my husband is home he wakes me but I do not wake to the alarm, I've always been a very hard sleeper. We are now step up if it goes off and he is out of town he gets an alarm and calls hoping I'll answer. We do have my son in town if all faills but he has been traveling for business. Saying the healthier snack it was high natural carb's which kept me high all night leading to an alarm of 249 at 4am I'm really use to being low unless I total out on my morning pancakes and evening pasta or shrimp risotto to put weight on. I can find my Dexcom reading in the 40's fixing dinner having dropped from 120, it would be about 15min's - 20min's to fix dinner, again this reflects my insulin sensitivity. I've seen react faster, I dare not shot up until I sit down to a meal and the food is in front of me. 

When the alarm went off high this morning my husband went and got my insulin so I could bring it down. Then I got up very early put the coffee on and made breakfast. Very happy to say shot 6 units SA Novolog for my pancakes sitting at 174. 

Have a great day

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Maybe, for a bed time snack, try eating a Premiere Protein bar that has 30 grams of protein.  On days your numbers are lower than you expect them to be at bed time, try a yogurt with the bar.  Days higher at bed, no yogurt.  Works for me most of the time and it controls the numbers quite nicely while I'm sleeping.

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cherv in reply to Activity2004

At times I've done the protein shakes before bed but can only take a few nibbles of protein bars they spike( every kind ).

Off this topic I've been training my Chesapeake Bay to be diabetic low dog. I'll let you know how it goes. He is very smart and I have trained dogs professionally but it will take scent and response to meter. I would like him to scent so he signals that I'm dropping before the Dexcom goes off, my insulin reactions.

I'm never very controlled roll a coaster ride most days but I stay below 250's most all the time unless I really cheat.

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That's great if the dog can learn to pick up the lows.  I tried to look into getting a service dog, but that wasn't possible.

Some people can't handle the bars.  It all depends on the person and what the body can do.

I'm not sure I'm understanding the meaning- "handle the bars".

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"Handle the bars" is one person can eat them, but other people may not depending on their personal diet.

Thank you for the reply. I'm now battling the total lows, they have been coming on so fast. Ken calls and I'm fixing a meal he goes get some OJ you have dropped once again like a rock. He is linked and can see my numbers where ever he is in the country. Even on flights. My loving guard. 

Have a great night,

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It's a good thing Ken can see your numbers even on a business trip.  When is he going to be back home?

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