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Another BAD Sensor!: DEXCOM (¡Otro MALO Sensor!: DEXCOM)

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Well, I know it's not Wednesday, but it turns out that I had to replace the sensor from Wednesday evening on Saturday afternoon (ate a very quick lunch and then replaced it)! It wasn't reporting for 3 straight hours and 1 hour while getting ready in the morning before lunch! I had called DEXCOM and requested for a free, new sensor to be sent to me since the one on Wednesday didn't last the full 7 days. The Rep. from DEXCOM said that the new sensor should be sent out and be here by Friday evening. I'm hoping the one I'm using right now still works before next Saturday. That would be really nice.

Bueno, sé que no es miércoles, pero resulta que tuve que reemplazar el sensor el miércoles por la tarde del sábado por la tarde (¡almorcé muy rápido y luego lo reemplacé!). ¡No informaba durante 3 horas seguidas y 1 hora mientras se preparaba en la mañana antes del almuerzo! Llamé a DEXCOM y solicité que me enviaran un nuevo sensor gratuito ya que el miércoles no duró los 7 días completos. El Representante de DEXCOM dijo que el nuevo sensor debería enviarse y estar aquí el viernes por la noche. Espero que el que estoy usando en este momento todavía funcione antes del próximo sábado. Eso sería realmente agradable.

For the full 3 hours, there were question marks. That wasn't as bad since I just can't stand the hourglass. That is just scary.

Durante las 3 horas completas, hubo signos de interrogación. Eso no fue tan malo ya que no soporto el reloj de arena. Eso es simplemente aterrador.

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Good luck ! My fingers are "x" for you

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

Thank you!😀

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Good day Activity long time ralking on this site! Sorry the senor was poor for you last week have had my run in with problems. It is scary not having it working, I depend on it so so much. I crash below 80 to the 40's in a blink of an eye. Greetings once again hope all is well.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

Hi cherv,

Good to see you back on the group. Yes, it’s been a while.

The sensor I’m using now is going okay so far. I will have to see what happens before the group’s meeting on Saturday morning.

Being 40 mgdl is very low for me, as well. I don’t know what I will do if the sensor stops working when I’m dropping. I don’t feel lows.😐

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cherv in reply to Activity2004

I do not feel low myself very dangerous for us and life threating. The sharing Dexcom we have aids so well in this factor. Glad the new senor is working so far. And nice to be back.

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