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Sensor Update: DEXCOM (Actualización del sensor: DEXCOM)

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This week went really well with the sensor I had just replaced! It only had two glitches here and there, but it wasn't as bad as some of the other sensors I had used in the past. This one lasted for the entire seven days.

¡Esta semana fue realmente bien con el sensor que acababa de sustituir! Sólo tenía dos problemas técnicos aquí y allí, pero no era tan malo como algunos otros sensores que había usado en el pasado. Éste duró durante los siete días enteros.

The sensor that I replaced sent a message to the receiver this morning during work saying that I was running lower than normal. I ended up testing to see if the system was working correctly and it turned out that it had been! I had a mini snack and then went back to working for the busy day ahead.

El sensor que sustituí envió un mensaje al receptor esta mañana durante el trabajo diciendo que corría más abajo que normal. ¡Terminé por probar para ver si el sistema trabajaba correctamente y resultó que había sido! Tenía un bocado mini y luego volví al funcionamiento para el día ocupado delante.

I have to place an order for the new transmitter this coming week since I'm coming close to the six month period for a new one. Hopefully, I can order it next week and it'll get to me by the time mid-November comes.

Tengo que colocar un pedido por el nuevo transmisor esta semana próxima ya que vengo cerca del período de seis meses para nuevo uno. Esperamos que lo puedo pedir la próxima semana y se pondrá a mí cuando mediados de noviembre viene.

More to come very soon. Keep on reading!

Más venir muy pronto. ¡Siga leyendo!

10 Replies
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Awesome that sounds fantastic. My senor arrived very fast after ordering a new one after the 6 months. Good luck!

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How is the sensor going?

I wish I could afford one of these systems as I started having a hypo Wednesday just gone. Since starting on Imulin (night time insulin) my blood sugars are coming down and staying lower throughout the day. I've had a few morning lows but on Wednesday it was 4.3 and my hubby finally showed some concern. I'd told him that I'd thought I'd had some very low bloods and that I wanted him to check on me before he went to work. We had an argument about it on the Tuesday but he got a shock on the Wednesday when I was confused and complaining of a headache and feeling cold and shaky. He lost his rag with me so I struggled to test my blood with my meter and, low and behold, my blood was 4.3. He went and got me a cup of herbal tea and my own made coconut milk yoghurt. I didn't want to bother and just wanted to sleep so, he spoon fed me my yoghurt and made me drink some tea. He waited until I pepped up a little before going to his work. This was the first time he's ever taken me seriously and it made a lovely change.

It's getting late so, I'm going to go to bed.

Night, night and God bless.

TT x

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Glad to hear that your husband had been there to help you. How many times have you been dropping lately? Have you talked to your endocrinologist on the phone?

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ThyroidThora in reply to Activity2004


It's getting quite regular and have had lows below 6 on quite a few days but, last Wednesday was the lowest ever! I suspect that I'd had these lows all along because I've had the symptoms before but not recognised it as a hypo because I couldn't test my blood. I've tried telling my husband in the past and he's just thought I was whinging about a headache and that there was nothing wrong with me. The hypo was a wake up call for him because he realised that I could have a hypo on a morning after he's gone to work and that he could find me dead in my bed when he returns at lunchtime.

I'm not sure what to do about an endocrinologist appointment. Diabetes is dealt with my primary care over here with GP's and diabetes nurses. You only get referred to an endocrinologist if you're T1 and carb counting, and my doctors won't do that because they think I'm T2. I think I'm T1 because T1 runs in my family and there are endocrine health problems within the extended family. Plus, I had thyroid cancer and I always suspected I had a thyroid issue following the birth of my daughter but the NHS refused to listen to me and I never got the treatment I needed hence, thyroid cancer!

I see an endocrinologist for my thyroid treatment post thyroid cancer but he says that he doesn't deal with diabetes anymore. I really do need more support because my thyroid bloods have come back with my Free T3 going up to 7.3 which, he says is too high and that I need to lower the dose of my natural dessicated thyroid that I get from the US. I'm now thinking that the insulin I take at night might be responsible for this rather than the thyroid meds. What are your thoughts?

TT x

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Unfortunately, I'm not sure about the insulin reacting with the thyroid meds.. Is the dose higher than you have started out with before for the shots? If the numbers are lower before bed, lower the dose of insulin. This may help for the rest of the day.

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ThyroidThora in reply to Activity2004

I started on 10 untis of Imulin at bedtime and I've gradually put it up to 16 units over the past 5 weeks. I take 1500mcg of Metformin SR with my evening meal and have been on this dose for over 18 months. I'm trying to low carb and test before and after each meal to see what is causing the blood sugar spikes. I don't tend to eat wheat products because I find it hard to digest since having my thyroid cancer removed but when I was ill last week I had some toast and crackers because I hadn't eaten and had a stomach bug. My blood sugars went to over 20! I don't eat candies only very high cocoa content chocolate or my home made coconut oil chocolate that doesn't contain any sugars or milk. I occassionally have a cake as a treat but not often. The only other high carb food I am guilty of eating is potatoes and, so I'm trying to cut down. It's difficult though because in this cold weather I need something warm and satisfying to keep me going. I like to have a jacket potato at lunch with salad and salmon. I'm not sure what to do with my diet.

H x

Hi Activity, my sister is finally going to have the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor. I know you've had a few hiccups with it. Could you PM me sometime?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Will do after breakfast today.

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What r these sensors. I’ve been type 2 for 15 years.??

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Skertchly

The sensors are how you can get the blood sugars results on the receiver (sensors are thin thread-like items). You have to do two tests to start the sensors after the two hour warm up period.😀👍

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