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Tuesday: New Sensor: DEXCOM (El martes: nuevo sensor: DEXCOM)


Here's this week's update dealing with the DEXCOM and the sensors..... Hope this isn't too long!

Aquí está la actualización de esta semana que trata con el DEXCOM y los sensores..... ¡Esperanza esto no es demasiado largo!

Well, to start with, the sensor from last week worked fairly well with a few hiccups, but nothing too horrible. I'm amazed that the sensor lasted the entire 7 days like it was supposed to do. That sure made me happy. :-)

Bien, para comenzar con, el sensor a partir de la semana pasada trabajó justamente bien con unos hipos, pero nada demasiado horrible. Me asombro que el sensor durara se supuso que los 7 días enteros como él hacían. Ese seguro me hizo feliz.:-)

Yesterday was a really fun day and very low stress for me. When I had gotten done with work, I went to my Nephew and Niece's house to babysit and celebrate my Nephew's birthday. Even after celebrating his birthday, the numbers weren't as bad as I had thought they would be before bed.

Ayer eran un día realmente divertido y la tensión muy baja para mí. Cuando me había hecho hecho con el trabajo, fui a mi Sobrino y la casa de la Sobrina para hacer de niñero y celebrar el cumpleaños de mi Sobrino. Incluso después de celebrar su cumpleaños, los números no eran tan malos como había creído que serían antes de la cama.

Well, this is all for right now. More to come in a few days. Hope you're having a great evening/night/day so far.

Bien, esto es todo para ahora mismo. Más venir en unos días. Esperanza tienes una gran tarde/noche/día hasta ahora.

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Well done Activity2004 a stress free week. This is always a plus with diabetes and to be appreciated for the longer times it lasts. When things are working well, it is worth every bit of a mention. If only technology continued to work like this!

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Yes, you’re right! I have been keeping an eye on the DEXCOM and new sensor since the numbers are lower than normal this afternoon. Not sure why, but I’m doing okay.😀👍

Hope it was a good party for nephew.

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Yes, the party was fun. We will have a second party this weekend.

Nice that the sensor is doing okay, but it was out of range for 5 minuets here at the house this afternoon.

Yey Party time ! Its my official party in Newcastle on 23 June for my 52 year of being T1. My birthday is on the 22 June. When I was into CB radio it was "how many candles are u burning?". 55 ! LOTS

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Thank you for letting me know!😀👍

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