DEXCOM Report (DEXCOM hacen un informe)

This is the update so far on the DEXCOM for this week. Sorry I hadn't had a chance to post about it that much lately, but been very busy.

Esto es la actualización hasta ahora en el DEXCOM para esta semana. Lamentable no había tenido una posibilidad de fijar sobre ello tan mucho últimamente, pero había estado muy ocupado.

The sensor I had used last week worked for a good amount of time and never had to be replaced before the 7th day! That really made me happy. I also didn't need to use tape to keep everything on and together. That's always a plus if you don't need any tape.

¡El sensor había usado la semana pasada trabajó para una cantidad de tiempo buena y nunca se tuvo que sustituir antes del 7mo día! Esto realmente me hizo feliz. También no tuve que usar la cinta para guardar todo en y juntos. Esto siempre es un más si no necesita ninguna cinta.

I'm going to be changing the sensor on Thursday( unless something happens) this week. I'm hoping it lasts with no problems like the last one I had used. That would be really great.

Voy a cambiar el sensor el jueves (a menos que algo pase) esta semana. Espero que dure sin problemas como el último que había usado. Esto sería realmente grande.

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  • Thanks, Activity, so much for your help and we all greatly appreciated it. I'm now here in the states to enjoy family and friends. A trifle jet laggged!


  • You're welcome!

  • Hi,

    It seems that the sensors are working better now. Fingers crossed they will continue.

    TT x

  • I'll let you know what happens between today and Thursday morning this week if there's any time.

  • Activity2004

    How often do you use dexcom? All the time throughout the year?

  • You use the system 24/7. You can't get CT scans or MRIs with the system-- or surgeries. This would make the system not work.

  • Activity2004

    Round the year daily ?

  • Yes, year round 24/7.

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