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Well, I know this is a little later than I usually post about the DEXCOM, but things were pretty busy for me yesterday all day. Next Saturday, I will try to get on and type sooner, if that's possible.

Bien, sé que esto es un poco más tarde que por lo general fijo sobre el DEXCOM, pero las cosas estaban bastante ocupadas para mí ayer todo el día. El próximo sábado, trataré de avanzar y escribir a máquina más pronto, si esto es posible.

Before changing the old sensor for the newest one on Saturday morning, the week had been a little interesting. To start off with, there were periods here and there when the sensor went and didn't report any numbers for some time (not as bad as last time, but still bothersome). This happened on and off when I was at home.

Antes de cambiar el viejo sensor para el más nuevo el sábado por la mañana, la semana había sido un poco interesante. Para comenzar con, había períodos aquí y allí cuando el sensor fue y no relató ningún número durante algún tiempo (no tan mal como la vez pasada, pero todavía fastidioso). Esto se encontró y lejos cuando estaba en casa.

I had gotten in touch with DEXCOM since there is a slight issue with the insurance and trying to get a new prescription for the sensors from my doctor..... This isn't DEXCOM's fault. It's on the insurance and doctor's side, unfortunately.

Me había puesto en contacto con DEXCOM ya que hay una cuestión leve con el seguro y tratando de conseguir una nueva prescripción para los sensores de mi doctor..... Esto no es la falta del DEXCOM. Está en el seguro y el lado del doctor, lamentablemente.

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  • Oh dear, does your insurance company normally buy your sensors? I thought they were free.

    TT x

  • They aren't free. They are $50 after insurance takes care of some of the cost.

  • Gosh! That's a lot of money. I know over here in the UK I cannot get this system on the NHS and it's very expensive to buy. The sensors are the most expensive part of the regime.

  • Actually, the $50 is cheaper after the deductable is used up. The total would be $309.40 before the deductable. It's even more without the insurance covering some of it. But, Foundation Care and the medical insurance I use don't work together anymore. I want to get the sensors from DEXCOM soon, but have to wait to see when everything goes through, first.

  • Good grief! It costs about £57.95 for 2 weeks supply of sensors for the UK version. So, the UK version is still a bit cheaper but, it's still expensive if I could afford to buy it.

    It's late over here so I'm going to bed.

    Night, night and God bless.

    TT x

  • Hi! I had to change my sensor today and that went OK. But I still have awful problems placing the monitor. I don't seem to have that knack, any advice?

  • Are you talking about the transmitter?

  • Yes, I have a terrible time, every time inserting that.

  • The transmitter is the gray covered piece. It should be able to snap in very nicely with the two clicks. Do you use the DVD for the computer to watch what the video says to do?

  • I mean the monitor itself after the transmitter is in. Have no problem with that. The monitor you place in afterward.

  • What monitor? Are you talking about the receiver? The receiver is always outside of the body and you use that to see the numbers and other information you enter into it for calibrations and insulin doses, carbs., etc.. Can you please explain?

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