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Well, today was a very odd day. Before leaving to head to my job for the Senior Center (I almost didn't go), my sensor from last Thursday FAILED! That sensor wasn't doing so well for the last few days and I honestly thought it would've failed a lot sooner than it had done so. A few times last night, the numbers weren't being reported and I kept thinking that it's getting very close to the 3 hour removal time if it doesn't start working again. Well, it did come back when I was in bed asleep.

Bien, hoy era un día muy raro. ¡Antes de irse para dirigirse a mi trabajo para el Centro Mayor (casi no fui), mi sensor a partir del jueves pasado FALLADO! Ese sensor no hacía tan bien durante los últimos días y francamente creía que habría fallado mucho más pronto que había hecho así. Unas veces anoche, los números no se estaban relatando y seguí creyendo que se pone muy cerca del tiempo de retiro de 3 horas si no comienza a trabajar otra vez. Bien, realmente volvió cuando estaba en la cama dormida.

I put the new sensor in this morning before leaving the house and did the calibrations during work. I called DEXCOM this afternoon when I came home for the day and requested to get a new and free sensor for the fact that the old one failed a day before it was suppose to stop working. The new replacement should be here in 3-7 business days (as the Rep. at Tech. Support told me). Hope the cold temps. don't cause any problems.

Puse el nuevo sensor esta mañana antes de dejar la casa e hice las calibraciones durante el trabajo. Llamé DEXCOM esta tarde cuando vine a casa para el día y solicité conseguir un sensor nuevo y libre para el hecho que el viejo falló un día antes de que fuera suponen para dejar de trabajar. El nuevo reemplazo debería estar aquí en 3-7 jornadas laborales (como el Representante en Tech. El apoyo me dijo). Espere que el frío temps. no cause ningún problema.

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Not good ! Hope it gets better ! Life at times is a right pain. I love that song that have the lyrics "Things can only get better". I am a little bit mad.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

Why are you mad, HOBIEONE?

Daft mad ! Not angry mad !

Hiya Activity2004,

I wish your sensors were more reliable. I want to buy something similar so that I don't have to keep doing finger prick tests and so my family can check my bloods whilst I'm asleep but your bad sensors keep putting me off. My blood sugar was 3.8 on Monday morning and I only just managed to wake up and test using my strips and meter. I'd been away earlier in the night and then fell asleep after being awake for about 2 hours. I think it was about 6.30am when I fell to sleep and I vaguely remember my hubby saying that he'd put some yoghurt and cup of herbal tea on the bedside cabinet before he went to work at about 8am but I was really zombied. I managed to stir at about 8.40am with a banging headache and shaking so, I quickly tested my blood. I was surprised it was so low, it's normally about 7 when I wake up, and I quickly ate my yoghurt and just laid in bed waiting for the hypo to pass because I was scared that if I got up I might be dizzy and fall. It was so scary! I blood monitoring system would be so much better for me because my hubby could check my bloods before he goes to work. However, I'm loath to spend my own money on such a system if it isn't reliable. To buy a similar system in the UK it would could £150.00 for the initial outlay of the equipment and then about £50.00+ for the sensors every 2 weeks. It's such a lot of money and the NHS won't provide the equipment unless your a Type 1 diabetic and it's absolutely necessary.

I hope your new sensor is better.

TT x

I have used Freestyle Libre sensors with great success. I left Keswick, drove 40mile, climbed Scar-Fell in the poring rain in my 50th year of T1 with perfect BG. I was not able to do finger stick tests because of the rain. All on 1 bowel of porridge.

Wow! I've thought about getting a Freestyle Libre but the equipment and sensors are so expensive. I lost my job to cancer and so don't have much money to spare.


You get two sensors with the kit that you order. With the vat back its around £130. The sensors are about £105 for two. Really good luck

Thank you. It's still too expensive for my budget as I only get ESA. The cost of the sensors is more than 25% of my ESA, I'll just have to stick to the test strips I get on my NHS prescription.

Have a word with your GP. As certain areas of the country are supplying them on the NHS. Not my area but good luck

Thank you for your reply.

I won't bother asking my GP for the Freestyle Libre because it has taken me years to get the old style equipment and these are much cheaper. The local CCG is is always messing about to cut costs and has done a blanket change to all patients getting Glucophage SR and switched them to a cheaper brand. I have allergies and there is a known allergen in the new brand prescribed to me without my consent. I've had to argue with my GP surgery since last Thursday when I tried to organise my repeat prescription. Then today I finally managed to see the new senior partner of the practice and he refused to change my prescription back to Glucophage SR. I had to argue with him for 15 minutes and state my case about having had a rare thyroid cancer and some of the ingredients are being tested for having cancer causing properties besides me being allergic to one of the ingredients. After getting rather upset he finally agreed to change my prescription back to Glucophage SR. It feels like I'm winning a losing battle all the time because I cannot get the thyroid meds that make me feel well, and these are needed to stop my thyroid cancer growing back!

Sorry for moaning and thank you for taking the time to help me.

TT x

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

You don’t have to worry about anything, ThyroidThora. You were right for having your doctor change your medication back. If I was you, I would have done the exact same thing.

You are welcome ! I would argue with them too, well done, Keep going pls.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Can you ask your doctor what other CGMs are covered, ThyroidThora?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Thank you, ThyroidThora. I will let everyone know what happens soon when the week is over for the new sensor I’ using now. Enjoy your weekend ahead!😀

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