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Long Wheat Name Printed in 5 languages on Packet

Long Wheat Name Printed in 5 languages on Packet

Please see the Long Wheat name printed in 5 languages on a packet of broken grains. As far as I know the languages are English, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada & Hindi.

If this picture will be of some use to anybody, my effort is fruitful. This packet is actually damaged due to date expiry & is kept for replacement, from the distributor. This is at another shop, not the one who has the trio with Barley.

The bottom portion of the picture was added after the publishing of post, based on the request (first one below) of a member of this forum.

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where it available readymade,please let me know?


Dear Shri George

If i am right i rembered to have read un broken long wheat. But the picture reads broken wheat. Pl clarify.

Klgk sharma


Dear Shri klgksharma,

This picture is intended to show the name written in different languages; not to modify any things told earlier. Sorry to have confused you. Any way thank you for pointing it out.


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