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Ayurvedic Herbal powder for sugar control


I am aged 56 bought a insulas (insulin powder) by online from insulinpowder.in and using for past 60 days continiously. I found that it worked well to bring the sugar level down drastically. Now I am continuing to

keep sugar level under control . Anybody who has wish for herbal products can try and benefit and no regrets.

Also it cost hardly Rs 360 only per month and it is very economical too. . You can contact P.S.. Venkat at 9444630429 chennai for any querry. . All the best.

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Do you take allopathic drugs along with it too ?

Mylapore in reply to Peace7

Yes, one can take initially for 60 days and by that time this herbal powder gets adaptability to user body immune system. Thereafter I was told to reduce and stopped in toto after 4th month, according to user judgement, when he/she find the control over sugar.

Is sugar in control after you have reduced your allo doses?

everexotic in reply to Mylapore

It's just not possible that after 4th month you stop taking this powder and any allopathic meds, which means you are cured!

Mylapore in reply to everexotic

In fact, I was advised to consult Doctor whether to reduce or to continue english medicines or not at my own judgement, once this Herbal powder gets adaptability to user body. after using minimum 60 days in general. May be maximum 12 weeks or so.

I wrongly mentioned that all medicine should be stopped in toto and apologies for the same.

I wish to continue this Herbal powder since it suits to me. I wrongly posted as four months to stop all medicines instead to say that, continue for 4 months to take one's own judgement to stop or continue the medicine according to user body conditions.

Pl mail to softsearch007@gmail,com or call Mr.P.S. .Venkat 9444630429 for any further query or visit insulinpowder.in

are they use to give contais of powder, there should not be any strong alopathy medicine

everexotic in reply to parasu

Does your post make any sense?

Disguised as a commercial post.

Internet is full of sites which advertise for these kind of herbal remedies for controlling Diabetes. I have myself taken few of them. I find homeopathic medicines more effective than Ayurveda medicines. But whatever you take, unless you follow LCHF diet and control intake of carbs, none of these remedies will work, even allopathic medicines.

njmrig in reply to everexotic

Pl. let me know the name of Homeo medicines

njmrig@yahoo.co.in, 09819202563

everexotic in reply to njmrig

Syzygium Jambolanum

Dear Sir,

Can you please write how much was your level for FBS & PP ( 2 Hrs ) before starting of this herbal product & after 1 month of taking it.

N K Gupta



Dear Sir,

Will you plz give me the address of Mr. Venkat for this insulin power




Is it branded ayurvedic medicine ?


P.S. Venkat (Retd IAF),

Door No 7, 6th main road,

Anna Nagar, Pammal,

Chennai - 600 075.

Mobile: +91 - 94446 30429

Office : 044 - 22630862

Dear Venkat,,

I am also Retd IAF. This embolden me to write to you top charge reasonable amount for your medicine because foe this act you will be paid four times by Him.

Sincerely yours ,

Hari Prakash Sharma ,Ex-Sgt.,

Kothi No614, Phase I ,

Mohali 160055 Mobile 094175 08656 Phone 0172 2272614

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